Wednesday, 30 September 2009

It wouldnt let me upload an image, so i have just put the link up for each of my photos.


First of all, I chose my positive image. Despite this being an image from ground zero, to me it is a positive image, because it shows the American people’s patriotic nature. I feel the patriotism of the American people is something to admire. As well as this, I believe that after the terror attacks on 9/11, America showed a great amount of courage and unity as a nation.

For my negative image, I chose a photo of the Klu Klux Klan. While searching for this image, I found a page that said “The Klu Klux Klan – Last Hope For America”. Racism is to me, the most negative point about America. Whenever I am asked about the negatives of America, this is what I first think of. However, America has moved on a lot from these times, the best example being the election of the first black president. Despite this, racism is still strong in parts of America, particularly the Deep South. I believe that this will always be a part of the culture there.


  1. Siobhan,
    to add an image click on the picture on the toolbar when posting and it will take you to a menu for posting images from the web or from your pc

  2. I'd be interested to see what context you would each put the 911 flag photo in. Does it remind you of any other images of Americans raising flags? If so, does it mean the same? or something different?
    It is similar to a very famous image of the raising of the US flag at Iwo Jima (an island in the Pacific that had been invaded by Japan) in WW2. Hence it might link 911 to the US's role in 'saving democracy' in WW2. The firefighters are in uniform, as the soldiers were - but this might be read as demilitarising the image. Hence reinforcing the idea of 911 as an unprovoked attack upon civilians, and thus upon democracy in general (as opposed to seeing it as an attack on America[ns].)


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