Thursday, 27 May 2010

Contemporary America
Final blog post is to locate one website which typifies contemporary America. It was difficult to find a website which typifies contemporary America, so I chose CNN website for my blog.

CNN is a news channel and was the first network to provide 24 hour television. I think CNN website shows contemporary America to the viewers to tell the news about America and also from all over the world. Viewers can learn contemporary America by reading news from different kind of issues such as business, sport, entertainment.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Contemporary America

When first looking for a good site to choice I found a lot of them fairly boring then i stumbled across this one because of the name Chomsky which i have heard of through friends who really enjoyed reading his stuff and when reading this guys review of the interview i found it very hard to swallow what Chomsky was saying. however he did raise some good points and i found it very interesting i have not watched the video yet but i am sure it is also good.

I think this website shows a contemporary America because it shows maybe how paranoid some of the people are, the fear people feel and other aspects of decline and that people don't have the faith in America they once had. 10 or so years ago someone would not be speaking of America in this way. there would be no need. no one would question the American way and its future

I also can not remember what i said earlier when i was talking about it in the group. so i hope that will go towards this blog task.

I did really enjoy reading this and i found Chomsky's re-Marks very interesting how he compared modern America to a country state it was in 80 years ago and has inspired me to read more of his work in the near future

Contemporary American

This week i have found it hard to find one website that I felt was the best or the only website that showed contemporary american in the best way. But I found a news story on ABC news website that I feel shows contemporary american. The page is about the wars going on in Iraq and in Afghanistan and that for the first time there are more in Afghanistan than Iraq. This shows that America is still focus on war and the idea of protecting the world as well as it se;f as it has over the years, with the war with the soviet union, ww1 and ww2 and its own civil war.

But the ABC news site I feel is as a website a good example of contemporary America as it covers all the issues on a day to day basis that shows how America use to be and has grown and is still growing in a contemporary world.

Contemporary America.

I chose as a website that I feel represents contemporary America. The website was set up by the government to show the American people, and the rest of the world how they were planning to rebuild America. It is a way of showing people that the recovery act is working, and where exactly that money is going. I believe this type of website was set up by the Obama administration as not only a new way of communicating with the American people, but also to regain their trust which was lost during the Bush administration.

The website shows the Recovery bill in its entirety. It also shortly summarises what the act plans to do, such as create new jobs and invest in long-term economic growth. I believe this website shows contemporary America as I feel it shows how the new America government are trying to work with the people, and trying to unite Americans, instead of turning them against their government. Interacting with the American people in this was also shows how the government are taking a more modern approach to reach more people.

Contemporary America

This blog task proved to be hard as most of the websites were about Religion and Race. However I have chosen this website because it shows contemporary America from 1945 to the present time, I also noticed that it contains the rest of the american history on there but the contemporary is what we are focusing on.

The site shows 54 articles of contemporary America including that of the 9/11, I felt this was a good site because shows what america planned after the effects of the 9/11 it also shows how soft power has branded America and how some earlier events have helped to make the contemporary America such as the presidential timeline and different wars that America has struggled through but survived.

I feel that this site typifies contemporary America because of its wide search of the recent events and it shows that the federal agencies want to teach and educate new Americans.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Contemporary America

This website, for me, most typifies Contemporary America as it is a website detailing Americanisation. It talks of all the products that have been spread across the world, such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola. It has some powerful images of the brands which are instantly recognisable which shows the amount of soft power that America has as they are recognised all over the world. It also talks about an 'American Dream Park' in Shanghai, which is an amusement park which copies the typical American culture and food.

It also illustrates the bad points of Americanisation, saying that the globalisation of American products could be the reason for hatred towards America, and possibly the reason for the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

At the end of the article it asks the question of when, if ever, will the Americanisation of the world end? I think this article typifies America as it emphasises the iconic products that are the epitome of American culture which are universally recognisable.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

American Declinism

When I goggled American Declinism I found a blog entitled The Rational Optimist. I found this page particularly interesting because of the optimistic view it took on the decline of America. The writer declares “Declinism” as a favourite theme for pessimists. It looks in depth at Americas debt and their GDP. It debates that despite the fact that Americas military budget is equal to all other nations combined, it is only 5% of the nations GDP. However, it does consider that with the GDP being around $14 trillion, the spending the government is obligated to do comes to around $50 trillion at the very least. This makes the idea that America can still live in luxury with this debt unbelievable.

The piece is summed up in an interesting way.

“as long as the US still remains fantastically productive, with the energies and creativity of its people continuing to churn out a cornucopia of saleable things, and with technological advancement continuing to enhance our output even more, we will not starve. Not only will we go on enjoying a high standard of living, it will likely get even better.”

It seems as though the writer does not see it important for America to be the top superpower, but just for it to be able to provide an acceptable living standard for its citizens and produce enough products for the country to get by comfortably. I find this to be an interesting view as it shows that some Americans do not feel that it is important to them that America is the top superpower.

Declining Declinism

I enjoyed this article because instead of all the other articles i read online this one was different in a sense that it is not all doom and gloom and it is not the end of America. "its best days are behind it" one historian said but as history as shown this sort of economy landscape has happened more than once before and America has pulled its way through and people can not predict the future in the 60's has the cold war a ivy league historian said that declinism was happening then. This was before the huge Internet boom which helped out the economy.

This article makes it seem that even though it is going through a rough time at the moment America with get through this and come out the other side. still the one last remaining super power.

"Don't believe the historians and economists who say America's best days are behind us." is the title to the article which shows this piece of work is different from others. it covers allot of the main issues that have come together to create this declinism. such as war. the debt.

Daniel Gross the writer of this article makes it seem that any day now America will pick it's self up and launch its self into "an unprecedented era of growth, prosperity, and rising asset prices."

American Declinism
For this week topic, from the google research about American Declinism, I chose an article by David Kampf. In this article he says that even though it is fashionable to speak of America's fall and the rise of other countries, America will remain the world's default power for years to come.
According to Josef Joffe, he says 'The history of declinism shows that doom arrives in cycles, and what comes and goes, logically, does not a trend make'. The US economy is worth three times as much as Japan, which is the world's second largest economy and about the rising powers which is about China, he says that China still has a way to dethrone the US. He also says at the end of this article, 'as the 21st century unfolds, the United States will be younger and more dynamic than its competitors'.

The Default Power and American Declinism

The reason that I have chosen this website is because it offers an insight on the fact that America knew it was on a decline, although it was on a steady progress of roughly every ten years and then it was predicted by many different people that America would decline rapidly due to over expansion and abroad this mainly started by the end of te Bush administration, as the facts show we can see this to be true also there would be a power shift from the United States to Asia. There is reference that America is experienceing the same problems that started the fall of Rome.
Even though this powershift is true it can still be said that America out ranks other powers in different ways such as its military and income and there is also signs that it also has the highest education pass rate.

American Psyche - Election

I found this blog task slightly difficult because many of the articles did not make any sense to me, but then I found this one article that I think I may have made some sense into it. The task was to locate an article and see whether it is relevent to his fiction or to the contempory America and that we should comment on the vision of the USA it offers.
The reason that I chose this article was because it talks about the elections even though it does not link with my presentation, I feel that it offers a view on contempory American life, while reading the article I noticed that many of the signs that are there are insults to other people, from this I got the idea that some people do not elect on the things that they offer but rather the name that they carry. Also it links in with Saunders idea of irrationality within an exaggerated form, the signs could show how the candidates would be if they got elected.
This comment also offers a negetive vision on America as in this exaggerated form shows american leaders as they truly are.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

American Psyche Written In Advance

For this posting i know there is no relation between this article and the story but I read this and really enjoyed the article and the way it is written. I really enjoyed this because it reminded me of one of my favorite writers. the long tangent he goes on is very enjoyable to read and i do not really see the point of this article and makes me wounder how it got printed because it has no relation with any current issues of the time it was printed. How he goes from talking about writing an article on December 12 that will be printed on January 12 to being caught by giant rats in an apocalyptic word. and constant talking about the past in the present in an article which is written in the past which when it will be published be treated like it was written earlier that day.

His sort of cynical way of life makes a very good read and very amusing to read. I would say he cynic because with all the situations he could of suggested that would of happened he picked the sudden end of the world and everyone dying expect for whom ever the reader was.

I guess if you read into it it could be a sign of paranoia or maybe what george may think of the american land and what could happen to it in as little as a months time in this hectic world we live it and one day you could find yourself the last man/woman alive. This crazed confusing piece of writing which has a completely different start to its finished may show how even when he speaks his mind in this small article you must read into it like all his stories in the book for it to really make sense.

Google search on "American Declinism"

This weeks task was to type the words ' American Declinism' into google and see what websites came up. The website of 'Unca Darrell- old,conservative, christian, in love with my wife, texas, america,western civilisation, and jesus. Sorry about the decline of newspapers.'talks about that yes America is in decline but like other great nations before it the collapse will happen suddenly and not over the next century. he says like the Roman Empire which collapsed over 5 decades or Ming dynasty went fell over eight years, or the most recent the decline of the Soviet Union over less than five years. These example show the path that some americans and others around the world feel will happen to america as it has happened so many times already throughout history. Unca Darrell make an interesting point as he talks about the signs that have already started to come through about the american decline one of which is that 'Alarm bells should therefore be ringing very loudly, indeed, as the United States contemplates a deficit for 2009 of more than $1.4 trillion -- about 11.2 percent of GDP, the biggest deficit in 60 years -- and another for 2010 that will not be much smaller. . . .' which shows that america is already in trouble so it is easy to see how things can carry on getting worse in the near future. But American are still being expected to muddle through and come up with a solution as the decline of american will effect the globe as a whole.

But there is also the opinion of Josef Joffe, co editor of Die Zeit who has a more optimistic opinion which is that 'he United States remains first on any scale of power that matters -- economic, military, diplomatic, or cultural -- despite being embroiled in two wars and beset by the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.'

Both opinions are valued but its up to americans which one they chose to believe and live by because that could lead to if they get up and trying to stop the idea of a decline or to just sit down and except it and let it happen and allow a nation such as china to become the next super power of the world.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

American Declinism

This article is on the decline of America and tells us of the figures of its economy that America has at the moment, saying it has an economy of $13.13 trillion dollars, which is 20% of the global output. The article is trying to defend the idea that America is in decline. It's trying to give examples of how America is still coping and not in decline, after starting off outlining the history of declinism, for example the Imperial Overstretch of the country and that Hurricane Katrina exposed a weak country.

The article also focuses on Americanisation and Globalisation of products around the world. The author emphasises that it is impossible for America to be in such steep decline as everyone says it is when globalisation is doing so well. He gives figures of how many stores have been Americanised around the world, such as he says there are 30,000 McDonald's restaurants not in America, and that 70% of Coca-Cola drinkers aren't from North America. This shows that America is still doing well, and is spreading its Soft Power throughout the world, despite it being in decline. Therefore its gathering all this money from other countries, which contributes to stopping America from declining.

George Saunders

I chose the article about Christmas from 'American Psyche' series from The Guardian. I couldn't find any relevant article about story Christmas from 'In Persuasion Nation' which I am going to do a presentation, so I chose this which I thought interesting and can consider to contemporary America.
George starts his sentence which says America will be Christmas from late July. When I first came to England I saw people buying Christmas presents in the late October and thought it is really first, but in America it starts from late July which surprise me.
I think its not just America but nowadays people's thinking of Christmas had been changed.
As George says, in the past Christmas was filled with people freezing to death in their fields. However, in contemporary, everyone looks healthy and has presents in their hands. People nowadays make Christmas nostalgic with many illuminations which I think exaggerated.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

George Saunders

The article of George Saunders from march 2007 has a very strong link to the short stories he wrote 'My Amendment' from the book 'The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil' as both can be seen to be based around the new article about a Pastor called Ted Harggard who had a following a over 1,000 and was accused and he admitted to paying for homosexual sex and taking drug whilst being married and having four children. The story of 'My Amendment' talks about how some americans and people throughout the world being against same sex marriages. It then goes on to coming up its own new prejudice idea where it can also be wrong for masculine women to marriage feminine men as it can be seen as being that the women want to marriage a women and not really a man. This idea can be seen in my opinion to be just another way for some americans and others to judge and pick on others for their own pleasure and to boost their own self-estem.I feel that the aim of this article is to take Ted Harggard's situation and show america that there are different types of people who need to be excepted and if you can't except your self you can learn to or go to therapy which Saunders dose not believe work but can make the situation worse not always better.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

George Saunders - Advertising

I found this article by George Saunders on advertising which links with the short story 'My Flamboyant Grandson' which is what my presentation is on. In this article Saunders talks about the techniques of advertising and how they persuade you to buy the products they are trying to sell.

One of the examples he uses is of a stapler advert. If you show a man buying a stapler with 9 supermodels around him, then the message is buy this stapler and you will be attractive to supermodels. He also gives many other examples of this technique.

He concludes his article by saying "My point is advertisements are a big lie. I'm going to break free from the false seductiveness of that ad and live in the real world." This links to 'My Flamboyant Grandson' as he writes of how fake America is in it. Every time the Grandfather goes into a public space he is forced to watch adverts which try to persuade him to buy their products and in his article it is much the same in real life as advertising companies are still trying to make you buy things through falsely persuading you into believing the product will do something or cure something which in reality, it probably wont do.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Remembering 9/11

I choose this video because i thought it was very powerful with the video clips of the planes flying in to the buildings and with the buildings falling down then with the still images of the distress on peoples face and the emotions they are feelings. I found this video very moving and i found it very hard to watch it all the way through because of the disturbing images of the moments the planes went soaring into the world trade center. still after 9 years gone i still feel my stomach turning when seeing the clips another aspect of this video which gripped me was the use of music aswell. very powerful classical music to set the mood and tempo of the video. also the video has still images of biblical messages on it

The first still image you still is of an American firefighter standing on the rumble that once stood the towers standing alone in a very Salome image then the next image is of the street below with rumble scattered around the streets and people in despair with the American flag still blowing and flowing in the wind. This video is very patriotic and encourages emotion out of the person watching the tribute video.

The video shows the buildings falling from different angels and different news stations and i think showing the same scenes from different television stations.

The Video tribute i think is very hard hitting and emotional and makes me remember the day when it happened and seeing the clips for the first time 9 years ago.


When I saw the first plane hitted the World Trade Centre on TV, it was midnight in Japan and when I first saw it, because I was young and couldn't recognize it was really happening in the world, I thought TV is showing an action film. I also remember my father was saying that this is going to change the world.

I found many videos from Youtube about 9/11, and I chose this which is for the 5th anniversary memorial video for World Trade Centre towers. This is a video which shows World Trade Centre and people who were near there. It shows when the plane hitted the building, collapsed, a lot of paper falling down, people running and panic, and New York covered with a huge cloud of dust. The last image putting up the flag is showing tribute to the sadness of the terrible attack and also not to forget.

Don't forget the 9/11 - Tribute

I have chosen this video for the tribute of the 9/11 because of the images that are shown throughout the video, they are not all about the attack some of them are childrens innocence and others are what firefighters used to do before that day. One that was striking was an image of the american eagle crying for its country that it is so proud of. The images consisted also of the before and after effects so that we could see the effect that it had on the American community. Another reason that I chose this video was because it is a tribute to 9/11 and the song that is behind it is called Heaven, using the lyrics with a girl singing it we can hear that she is still waiting for her dad to come home even though he's not. It also asks not to forget about the 9/11 even though this day is very traumatic and upsetting, they could find that if they forget this then they will lose that memory of what America used to be like.

I do not really remember 9/11 however watching this tribute with the lyrics and the pictures made it very hard for me not to feel emotion towards the Americans by wondering how many Americans have had their lives changed by this and the devestation that it caused.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

9/11 Tribute

I have chosen a tribute to 9/11 by the world famous American band U2. I chose this because its different to all the other tributes as it doesn't actually have any images of what happened on that day, and you wouldn't even know it was about 9/11 unless told before the performance. The tribute was performed at the half time show at the Superbowl, one of the most watched sports in America so it could be seen by as many people as possible. The tribute is powerful as it has a back drop with all the names of the people who died in 9/11 running whilst they are singing. The back drop falls down in the song which is powerful as it symbolises the falling of the twin towers. It is also notable that the stage they are performing on is in a heart shape, and Bono makes a heart shape with his hands on his chest towards the end of the song showing compassion and love for the country at a difficult time. At the end Bono lifts his jacket and reveals the American flag in the lining which shows his patriotism and that America are still a strong country even when they have experienced a terrorist attack.


9/11 as a date or in a sentence is know for pain, terror and disaster. When typing the date into facebook you start to realise the amount of people that use images, soundtracks and video footage to experience and deal with the feelings around that day.

The tribute I have chosen about 9/11 is titled 9/11 plan and simple, straight to the point. It opens with a single image of Bush reading a story book to a group of young kids when being told the news about the world trade centre and is then followed by many more images of himself. These images are then accompanied with the bush addressing his nation of the horror that has just taken place ' shows the world we will pass the test', ' attacked by a faceless cowered', and americans witnessing the second plane hitting the south tower. The rest of the video is made up of TV news segments showing the towers collapsing, crosses made out of rubble, black clouds of smoke, people witnessing other fall and jump from the burning towers, and the flying of the american flag.

The view i have about the overall video is that bush feels like america is the central of the world and that they are in control and the all might powerful and this is an attack on that idea. Besides bush I see that this shows how much america was effected as a whole even if they were not effect personally tho lose that they were still effected by, the idea it could happen, had happen and the the scale it happened. The song use though out the video is all about coming together and make sure the everyone is ok and that they can together get through this and together they will. But the use of the live footage and the reactions of on lookers on the second plane hitting makes it seem really in years to come will make it stay like it was really real and that they have overcome that struggle and america as a whole can carrying even in the hardest of times as a nations and then go to war.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Faith within America

If you think American you automatically when the question of religion is brought up you think America as christian and they do not hide this fact either. The protestant Christianity was the backbone of America when it was first created and you can see how the idea of God is used and how people look up to him, any American family based show will show moment where there characters are either praying or go to church. You can tell by the grand services they have in great meeting places to celebrate there religion and the identity of America is found upon by religion. some of there stereo types for America besides its negative ones are that they are a very Christian country.

But the idea of America is that it always gets the newest things first and lot of fad's to come out of America to the rest of the world one example of this is new religions have come out of this and is often eaten up by celebrates then other people follow them.

Scientology, the website it self looks like a website for a holiday resort and they also have an advert that runs upon clicking on the link, i for one have not witnessed a advert for religion....
this religion has taken a lot of people to believe it in and some A list celebrities believe in it too some of the more known for it are Tom cruse and John Travolta.
But however it is acepectable in America this sort of behavior its the land of the free and not only is religion is apart of the American identity but also freedom of choice and the vast amounts of different religious path's you can choice from. i do not think one religion can be chosen to represent America even though most people would say Christianity i think the all the different religions make up the Identity of American.

The one that has created the most stir is scientology which has hit America in a big way and they now have churches in the UK aswell

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tribute to 9/11.

When typing 9/11 on YouTube, so many different videos come up. Some tributes, some footage of news reports from the day, and some talking about the conspiracy theories behind the attacks. I chose this 4 minute tribute video because out of the many I watched, it was the only one I can across that had no music. It simply shows a montage of photos of the twin towers. Some photos used are from before the attacks. One image that particularly caught my attention was one of the New York skylines before the attack, with the American flag faintly in the background, and in the far corner is the bald headed eagle, a significant symbol of America. The video shows images of the heroic fire fighters who risked their lives to save others, even when there was little hope left. Another significant image that is shown about a minute into the video, is one that I used in my very first blog post. It is one of 3 fire fighters raising the American flag at ground zero. I think this is a positive image of a negative thing. It shows that in awful times of disaster, Americans are still extremely patriotic, and come together when their nation is being attacked. Towards the end of the video we see patriotic images remembering 9/11, ones that people have made, including one from a non American who writes “pardon my English”.
I chose this video because it reflects on all parts of the attacks on the twin towers, including the aftermath, and also shows how it united many Americans. I believe that this video’s silence leaves time to reflect, and takes nothing away from the images, making it thoughtful and significant.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


I found a website on Kabbalah, a religion that was a fad amongst celebrities a few years ago. Its most famous follower is Madonna, who is known for wearing a piece of red string around her wrist which is the sign of a follower. It is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mythical aspect of Judaism. The website claims that in order to study Kabbalah you do not have to change your faith; it is more about the well being and finding happiness.

The website states,
"Kabbalah is an ancient yet entirely new paradigm for living. It teaches that all of the branches of our lives—health, relationships, business—emanate from the same trunk and the same root. It’s the technology of how the universe works at the core level. It’s a whole new way of looking at the world that can connect you to the kind of permanent fulfillment you may be seeking.
The bottom line in Kabbalah is - the proof is in the pudding. The knowledge imparts, the information we provide for you, and the tools we share must have practical results in your life, results you can feel"

Kabbalah centers are found in over 50 locations across the US. They are describes as places with a supportive community where followers can learn in an environment that allows them to grow spiritually.
There has been much controversy about Kabbalah, as many people say it is more of a fashion statement than an actual belief. It is also been called a money making con due to the high prices of the courses at Kabbalah centers, as well as myths that stars such as Madonna would only drink “Kabbalah” water that was sold through the centers.

The Snake Handlers

I found this article while looking for religions in America and I thought it would be interesting to look at, the snake handlers are only a small group and try to take the bible to a literal sense and it mentions that other churches do also but tend to skip certain bits when it becomes to literal for them. Snake handling was dwindling down however they mention that the only reason that it still survives is becuase of the powerfull families that keep it alive.
It is also mentioned that unless you think you are anointed by a holy ghost then they should stay away, giving the sense of the american identity that only chosen people can become members of the church as long as they are willing to accept the punishments that God gives them and take it as obidience. it is also not a religion that is really publicised though the media as deaths and injuries have occured from the practices. However it is said that they do not handle snakes all the time and without that they look just like a pentecoastal group.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Religion and Faith

I found this website called 'Christian and American', and it is clear straight away from the title that it is putting together two things that are important to Americans, religion and national identity. It represents faith and American identity well as the site had topics and issues to do with their faith, then in a separate column issues to do with American culture and politics. But also how the two combine, for example one issue is Obama's plan for his abortion agenda, and the fact that there are 5 Christians in the Supreme Court who will determine the decision, so it discusses the issue in terms of faith and American identity and politics together. The website has the American flag as the background of the title showing that they are proud of their country and that they think Christianity should be the primary religion associated with America. The site says that its aim to to present the American news from a Christian point of view, showing that Christianity is important to Americans.

Religious and interest groups (Amish)

The Amish religion can be seen by many americans to be straight and taking to the extreme which I can see in a way how this view came about. Amish as a religion usually live in community only containing people who are party of the faith, they live in villages that are based around farms and the living off the land that god has given them and they do not believe in modern technology they still use fire to heat food and horse and cart to get from a to b.

The interest group on the Amish religion I found on the a web site called Amish America talks about how Amish communities all over America are being joined by outsiders for the wrong reasons. The reasons being people like the idea of the way of life or even if an outsider falls in love with a member of the amish community and are not also then inclined to be won over by god as well which I feel the amish based the lives and existence around.

This page represents faith as part of American identity through the strong and almost never failing belief in god as they base there whole lives around the idea of church, faith, work and family. Through living their lives in this way I feel that the Amish show one side of the American identity in the form of the number of people who believe in god and faith but believe in there own ways and religions and that to be in a religion you must fully believe to be a member as such.

Thursday, 25 March 2010


It was my first time seeing Crash in the lecture. Crash is released in 2004 directed by Paul Haggis. I thought it is a good film and I liked it.
This film covers the racial prejudice problem against different races of whites, blacks, Latinos, Koreans, and Iranians.
I agreed with Ebert view than with Foundas. Ebert says that this film is a considerable movie and I think so too. However I have not been to Los Angeles so I am not sure if everything are like the film or not.

I liked the two police part that one behave like a racist to the other racial citizens but taking care of his father, and one is having doubts in his partner's behaviour and fed up being with the partner but when he shot black man accidentally he throw black man's dead body and left. I had a doubt between the contradiction with these two police's actions, but I also able to understand both of their action as well.

"Crash" review

After watching the film Crash I felt that the view of LA was only one sided as, as a viewer we are only shown what was wrong with LA and not the good side also. As a viewer there were strong themes of racism, a class system, stereotyping, and crime. The idea that people in LA do not come in contract with one another until they crash into one another is very dominate through the car crashes, the gun crime, the human trafficking, and the racial discrimination between all races, not just white against all. During the course of the film there is a sense of that all the acts that happen are to benefit the character and that they all need each other to realise what needs to can in their own life's. This can be shown through the character of the racist cop who is racist to anyone who is not white like the doctor who could help his farther get better and the TV producers white were he feels her up after pulling them over because he feels he can. This representation of the LAPD is realistic as they are know as being riot police in every situation the are in. The film over all can be seen to be good as it shows a lot of problems that America still need to work on and it also shows that it does not matter who you are, where you come from, what you do, and the colour of your skin you are the same as everyone else and we can all help each other to become better versions of are self's. This idea can be shown in the scene were the little latino girl jumps in front of a blank for her farther and the Prussian character sees this act as an act of god seeing her as his angle.

Review of Crash

I enjoyed the veiwing of Crash as I thought that it was a very moving and thought-provoking film. It was particularly interesting to see the rising issues of Stereotyping and how it can effect different peoples lives. It was also very emotional through the film for example when Thandie Newton was stopped by the cop only to be helped by him in the end and shooting of the little girl with blanks. However the more I watched the more I began to realize that people in America suffer from this kind of abuse everyday because they are outside of the norm and the American identity. You could easily see the tensions between the characters because of the situations that they were in. I would recommend that American's should watch this film in great detail so that some of them can see the wrongs that they are commiting.


Even though i mamanged to walk in 45 minutes late and everyone has told me since the its the best part of the film i mamanged to catchup up with the film and even though i missed the introuduction of the charctes i felt that i knew them come the end. however i did feel it lived up to all the hype surrounding it. Even though it is all based on accientals events that 'crash' these people together it seemed like the believeability of these coincidences is a little to far fetched for me, L.A. is a big state and the chances for example of the racist cop who was sexually harrsing the woman manage to be the cop the cop passing by and help out at the car crash is a little hard to believe, and if you dont believe that one then its going to be harder to believe that the rookie was 1 of the 2 cars that stopped the woman who got harrssed's husband. Why were to patrol cars going around the same area. the film also portrays white people in a bad way. Matt dillins character is a racist cop and Sandra Bollocks Character is viewed as a woman who sterotypes all people before getting to know them she has a attitude of what a eldly person has in todays world, someone from a different generation.

however even though i do not think that the film should be film of the year i also disargee that the film is worst of the year. the film is very good at drawing people in and for the viewer to get feelings for the characters. its just its attempted to suggest that all these stories relate to each other through "crashing" it seems like all the characters are placed in these situations a sort of domino effect.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

'Crash' Review

I think the 'Crash' was a very good film, and i really enjoyed it. I think it was a very powerful film which illustrated many controversial issues in America today, such as racism, gun crime and immigration. It showed the racism that is underlying in everyone, and how different groups are given different prejudices and stereotypes for no reason. For example, the Latino locksmith who looked like a gang member because he was Latino and had a shave head, Sandra Bullock's character assumed he was a gang member and that he would bring his other gang members to her house and rob it, so she insisted to change the locks again. I think the film was good because it was shocking and was filled with tension, such as when the Persian man shot the Latinos daughter, but it was actually with blanks. I really liked how the film followed lots of different characters in their own lives, but then these all linked with each other to bring the film together at the end.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Present Native American Tribes

The first website i found was this one for the united tribes in Carolina. from the very top of the website you can tell that these tribes have been doing what ever it takes to keep there head up above water it terms of surviving in today's America. You can see from the top the projects and activities such as the film festival they have been holding for the past 10 years. however while appealing to tourists like much other tribes websites i have found this website provides allot of information about there hertiage and history. Carolina Indians seem very loyal to the blood and there land and it mentions how they have been on that land since 300 A.D.
Another aspect of the website if you click the link for volunteers it takes you to a page where you cant apply for jobs there rather they ask for you to donate money to the tribe.
However seeming what all the Indians tribes have been through since the first settlers and what the American government did to there decedents at the bottom of the page it says "Thank you for your support and God bless you and God bless America!" which i found interesting.

The other website i found seemed a bit more orientated around progressing the tribe and bringing it into the modern making money and becoming a business but it also seems to be trying to keep its heritage maybe to cover up there ways which would be viewed as very different from what the ancestors where like but in today's world there is no room for the nomadic Indians that once lived on the American soil. They have kept this hertiage with traditional Native American music playing in the background while you view the website also on the homepage there is a slide show if you go on to the directory link it shows you all members of the tribe and you can tell by the names how the whole tribe has been Americanised with all very western names. The web page does provide a small section about the tribes history however it is not much seeming these people are meant to be proud of there hertiage. maybe they feel it has held them back in life?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Two Native American Nations

This site shows the Native American Nation of the Mashantucket-Pequot.They are the people who lived and stilled do in Southern Connecticut and have seen hardship such as in the Pequot war were many were killed or taken into slavery by other tribes, but then in 1651 they were given some land in the western part of Mashantucket called the Noank. also in the mid-1970s, tribal members had embarked on a series of economic ventures, in addition to instituting legal action to recover illegally seized land.With the assistance of the Native American Rights Fund and the Indian Rights Association, the Tribe filed suit in 1976 against neighboring landowners to recover land that had been sold by the State of Connecticut. The end result was that the tribe wasgranted the Tribe federal recognition, enabling it to repurchase and place in trust the land covered in the Settlement Act. Currently, the reservation is 1,250 acres.

This information shows that this particular tribe values the highs and lows that they have had to suffer to get to the position in American they are today. It also connotes the idea that by suffering in the pass can make a nation stronger and more willing to success in this case to get back land and make it legal. By having found this success they are now the owners of one of the biggest resort casinos in the world, the tribe is know to be the largest tax payer and as being the largest employer in Connecticut. As well as having success financially they have also achieve by having their own tribal council.

This is the website of the Hopi native american nation who are from Northern Arizona and still reside there today this day. This tribes homepage in different to the one above as it dose not talk about their history through their hardships and success as the one above, but about how they came about, where they first lived and about their way of life in the past and now in 2010. There are sections about their craft, religion, the landscape they live in, and their etiquette (objects that hold meaning to the tribe).

The tribe now are know as Americans oldest culture who depend on organisations to help by providing funds and labor to repair homes and build additions for the elderly and for those who genuinely do not have financial means to better their living conditions. This is accomplished through a joint effort with the Hopi families. This includes acts such as repairing roofs, give the tribe handicap access to certain part of the villages, and just building and restoring.

Native American tribes
This website is about Jicarilla Apache nation. It is located in the northern New Mexico. They were migrated from Canada sometime between A.D. 1300 and 1500.
'Jicarilla' came from Spanish word which means little basket maker. The website says that Jicarillas are flexible and adaptable people by the nature and by circumstance. Today, they become important participants in the economic growth of northern New Mexico and the American Southwest.
Next website is about Mohawk tribes. Mohawk tribes are original people of New York state. They are known as Kanien'kehake which means people of the flint. They also reffered to as the Haudenosaunee which means people of the longhouse because they lived in a long rectangulae house. It can lived in up to sixty people.

Navajo and Blackfeet Tribes.

The first website I found was for the Navajo tribes. The title of the site is “Welcome to the Navajo nation government!” I found it interesting how the natives refer to themselves as nations apposed to minorities. It talks of their fight to sustain a viable economy to help their population which has come to around 250,000 people. The government was originally set up in 1923 to deal with the increasing desire for the Navajo land to be leased to oil companies for exploration. The site is full of interesting facts about the Navajo tribe, such as their language was used to create a secret code when in battle with the Japanese.

It keeps people informed of the events of the Navajo government, as well as upcoming events in the government. There also interestingly is a section titled jobs, which has links to services in the reserves.

The second website I found was for the Blackfeet tribe. What I found particularly interesting about this site was a quote on the top of the page which says, “The Blackfeet are, perhaps, the most powerful tribe of Indians on the continent.” The site has a section specifically for tribal members, which has different current issues on it. There is also a section about their government, which was created under the 1934 Indian Reorganisation Act. It contains amendments made to the constitution that are relevant to the tribe.

This website looks a lot more in dept at the tribe’s history, with resources such as a timeline and a page titled interesting facts. It states that the Blackfeet tribe are one of six nations out of 564 that still live on their ancestral land.

Two Native American Tribes

The site I have chosen is the site for the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the first quote that I came across was "The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe, the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty." They seem to take pride in the fact that they are the only tribe that did not sign the treaty. While looking through the site there are links that lead you to finding out about their culture and their history. The history consists of a time scale but dates have been picked out showing different times which were important to the tribe. For the present day situation the website consists of different links for a numerous set of activities, they present many shows and viewings so it could be seen that the tribes survival has depended on the tourist faction.

The other site that I found was for the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, while looking through this site I found that the site was more formal than the Seminole site, it consists of different links looking at different aspects of the Shawnee community. For the history view the Shawnee tribe it is placed in order with pictures to accompany, it does not have a timeline like Seminole tribe and it is very detailed viewings. Also for the present situation it is mentioned what is happening to improve the Shawnee community tribe such as the recycling and composting project. It could be said that the Shawnee tribe is more informative about the tribe and could be seen as not trying to reach a full tourist attention

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Native Americans
This website shows the Cherokee Tribe's history. It says how their tribe has always been the most advanced, and it was a spirit of survival and perseverance that kept them strong in the past and today. It explains how they were 'removed' by the White Settlers who found gold in 1830's and how many died on the 1000 mile journey to Oklahoma or Indian Territory. After the Trail of Tears it says they soon rebuilt a democracy with schools, churches and newspapers. It says it's the second largest Indian Tribe and today its the leader in education, housing and economic development. In the 21st century it became self-governed and has its own courts and judicial systems and it is a success. The Cherokee Tribe portray their history and present day situation in a positive way and are proud of their success.
This is the official Chickasaw website, it shows a 'proud history as fierce warriors' and it says that they are the 'unconquered and unconquerable nation' and call themselves the 'Spartans of the Mississippi'. All these show how strong and proud a nation they were and still are. They lived in 'highly sophisticated town houses' with their own laws and religion. They also were 'removed' and relocated to Oklahoma where they broke from the Choctaw Tribe to become independent. The Chickasaw's allied with the South in the Civil War and raised troops to fight with the Confederacy. Today many are successful farmers and ranchers and they built some of the first schools and businesses in Indian territory. In 1983 they got a new Chickasaw Constitution and are thriving as a result of this.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Pro and Against Illegal Immigration

For my postings this week I have chosen two different websites set up by very different groups of me people set out to either help illegal immigrants or keep them out of the USA. I found both these websites very interesting to read with all the information and the active participation that the viewer of the website can do. On the Borderangels website you are able to leave donations to the cause and also gives a lot of information about the work they do on the border for all. The web page itself offers a lot of information about all aspects of the the organisation. It is a Mexican based group that is why the website is in Spanish so maybe it could be viewed as biased because it is Mexicans helping out fellow Mexicans. But non the less it is still a group designed to help prevent the unnecessary deaths of the people trying to make it too America due to dehydration and starvation. The border angels help feed and clothe the people on the long journey across the border.

The other website I have chosen shows a list of all the anti illegal immigration groups in America today and for example of some of the web pages that website can take you to I have chosen the mothers against illegal aliens which and the top depicts and typical looking mother holding her baby against the American flag as the background. This shows what they think they are doing is patriotic. The website goes on to show a few videos about the matter. Another website is the group called weneedafencse which views the illegal immigrants in a very negative light talking about how they are costing the tax payers billions. Similar to the borderangels website this page also has a box which allows you to donate money to there 'mission'. Also the website gives into detail about the 'problem' and also on a separate page about what the solution will be. and place to leave comments and also put in blog posts which means that this web page has created a community around its self. ( (

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

South West Border Immigration

I have chosen this site for my Pro because it talks about research that political scientists have done which has come to the conclusion that Hispanic immigration is not a threat to American Identity. It explains how this is true by describing within their research the Latino culture are adapting to the American way of life. I did notice however that someone left a remark on their page telling them that they should all grow up.

Im not sure if we can use this for the Anti but Ichose this because it is real Americans arguing with some Mexicans about the fact that they are basically sick of looking after Mexicans. While reading this forum I found that there was a lot of anger and insults directed to Mexicans, many about Latino birth rates and about how Mexico is strict about their policy of illegal immigrants but how they turn the other way when it is one of their own people sneaking into America.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hispanic Immigration

Anti-Hispanic Immigration

This is a video Glenn Beck talking about the Law that was passed in Arizona making it illegal for businesses to hire illegal Hispanic immigrants. It is clear that Glenn Beck is against Hispanic immigration and he is happy with the law as he wants America to stay American and not become Spanish. He tells Hispanics to get their own country in order and "stop leeching off ours" and he says that they are "bleeding us dry". He says that Mexico said that it wouldn't be able to handle the amount of people in school, jobs and hospitals if they were deported back to Mexico, he says America can't handle that either. He criticises the Hispanics for making statements to the press over this issue in Spanish.

Pro-Hispanic Immigration

This website talks about two Professors from Texas who have written a book about the misconceptions of Hispanic immigration. They state for it is good that immigrants are willing to work the low paid jobs in order to work their way up to the higher paid job, achieving their American Dream. It says that 42 million Hispanics represent $3 trillion in economic activity showing that they are essential for making money for America. They say that the immigrants are willing to risk their life for the better opportunity of living in America, and the country should be flattered by this. However, they do say that Hispanics should learn English as it is the language of their country.

South- West Border immigration issues

Pro immigration

This website shows illegal immigrates in different categories and how the numbers have gone up or down over the years, to show Americans how their country is being affected and used by these people. The website immigration counter refers to illegal immigrations as illegal aliens which make them seem like they are not people or that they have nothing in common to Americans or someone who is a legal immigrate. By using the word alien they are make these people seem like they are from another planet and something to fear and be scared of, which is a unfair category to put all illegal immigrates as some will be unpleasant as they will be criminals etc but not all will be, so could be people desperate for a chance at a better life. The focus of this website is to give Americans facts and figure that show them how illegal immigrates are bad for most part of the country and also it provides them with information to stop illegal immigration and how to tell someone about someone you think might be in America illegally.

This website ( the southern poverty law centre) talks about how in America there has been a debate about immigration for awhile but now it has become more. This as it is no longer just white Americans but also 'brown skinned immigrants' that are now becoming common among the anti-immigration activists. Like the above website some of the activists are starting to refer to the immigration coming across the border as 'criminal aliens' and 'cockroaches' make them seem inhuman and not worth any respect or sympathy. It then goes onto that the activists have started to become more more physical and psychological violent towards Latinos, and then list some personal experiences. This shows that the views are not changing but becoming stronger on this particular subject and in my opinion it shows that security during these protest towards Latinos maybe should be greater.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hurricane Katrina's influence on the American American community.

The website I chose provides facts on the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I thought this website was significant and more helpful than others I had found as it made a point of comparing the statistics of African Americans that were affected to the other races affected. It also emphasised the fact that three of the states that were worst hit – Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi – were some of the most poverty stricken states in America. It compares the poverty rate of these states with that of the US. The US has a poverty rate of 13%, where as Mississippi has a poverty rate of 21.6%.

It also states that one in three of the victims of Hurricane Katrina were African American. This point is contrasted with the fact that one in every eight Americans are African American.

Hurricane Katrina
I chose a BBC website about Hurricane Katrina. It is about New Orleans which two-thirds of its residents are black. Also more than a quarter live in poverty.
This place was 10 times to national murder rate and 21% of households has no access to a car. This article was posted just after the Hurricane Katrina attacked.

The anger of African-Americans who lives in New Orleans were that just this place was left behind when others escaping. Also, one says that 'television is creating a sympathetic image of white people fleeing, and black people caught up in a shoplifting orgy.'

Hurricane Katrina and African Americans

This American news article from CBSNEWS is based around the idea of the views of white American towards African American after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina. The first line that shows these feelings is 'CBS Radio News reports that New Orleans City Councilman Oliver Thomas said people are too afraid of black people to go in and save them’. This statement only shows one stereotype as it is saying that all African Americans at the time in New Orleans where to scary to go in and save which could have been true so some of the African Americans that that articles then goes on to say where ‘rumoured of shootings and riots and making people afraid to take in people who are being portrayed as thugs and thieves. ‘ This view of the African American people should not be put on all African American people as these actions being described where not preformed by all but only by sum. The rest of the article goes on to say that the help for the people that where hit by the hurricane was so slow in coming maybe becomes a large amount of the people in need where poor and black. But then there is the side of members of president bush’s party like secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who is said to have downplayed the situation by saying "That Americans would somehow in a color-affected way decide who to help and who not to help, I, I just don't believe it," she said. "The African-American community has obviously been very heavily affected. But people are doing what they can for Americans. Nobody wants to see any American suffer." Which show a different said of the argument that it was not because the people in need where black but because people would and did decided for themselves but not based on the colour of someone’s skin if they would help or not and how quickly they would.

The Devestating Effects of Hurricane Katrina on African Americans

I have chosen this site for my discussion because it mentions about the higher education of many African Americans and the devestating effects that hurricane Katrina had on this and also effecting the African Americans as a whole. It mentions that racism is very strong in Lousianna and New Orleans as there is a quote strongly referred to this.

"This became most apparent when three days after the hurricane, armed police from the predominantly white blue-collar community of Gretna prevented a large group of black pedestrians who were stranded in New Orleans from crossing a bridge into their city. "We were concerned about life and property," said Gretna mayor Ronnie C. Harris. "It was quite evident that a criminal element was contained in a crowd of probably mainly decent people."

This also shocked me as it said probably mainly decent people. Another thing and perhaps a very crucial issue that could have provoked African American communities is that of a rumour that the dikes were breached by white people. It is very strong that even though they are considered American and were eventually helped issues can still be seen within America's nation.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hurricane Katrina

This is an article on the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the racist undertones in the way it was handled by the US Government. It says how in the hardest hit areas of New Orleans 98% of people who lived there were Black. The Government's slow reaction was also seen in Hurricane Floyd in North Carolina, where there's a predominant Black community. This signifies that "the value of Black and working class life is subordinate to capitalist property and profits." The article shows the difference in wording in race when applied to the taking of food in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. They said that Black people "looted" and White people were "finders". The police were ordered to stop looking for survivors to stop the lawlessness. This suggests that stopping Black people from looting in order to get food to survive is more important than finding survivors, which wouldn't happen if the community was White. It also says how the slow evacuation was blamed on the Black people, as they said they refused to leave their homes, when it was actually because of poverty, unemployment and low wages that were the reasons they couldn't leave, showing the racist attitudes of the media and Government.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

"George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" Hurricane Katrina Issues

I found this issue and task very enjoyable this week the issues because i remember when the natural disaster first happened i remember the massive amount of controversy surrounding the events which seemed to sparked off during the fund raiser with Mike Myers and Kanye West said out of the blue that "George Bush doesn't care about black people". which people started to believe with the lack of help sent out to help the victims there. i have picked this website to show how this opinion how now spread and people started to believe this. the website i have picked is called things black people don't like and George bush is listed in here because of this and the video is amusing to watch as well because the other faces involved with the fund raiser were not expected it and the reaction of Mike Myers and Chris Tucker is very entertaining to watch. On the website there is allot about the issue and there are also people placing there opinions and thoughts on the page which is another interesting read.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

K12 immigration

I chose this website because it seems like a informal and useful website , the website has sub categories which gives brief explanations then go on to give links to other websites to give the reader more information about what they are looking up.
This website is dedicated to Irish immigration which a one point was the back bone of the American population when people were starting to come across. the website has pictures to help give details about the Irish and there hertiage. this website contains allot of information about the Irish and there are certain styles which are used which show it is designed for younger children. They standout bright font against a darkish background also the size of the font and the sub categories are short paragraphs to get across to the younger generation.

It also gives tasks that you can do by yourself or in a group to test wheat her the information has been taken in or not this website is good for teaching kids and is very insightful.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Immigration in Schools.

I have chosen this website as it begins by explaining how immigration is affecting students of America today. It states that, “The angst and emotion involved in the conflict are spilling over into schools and classrooms as students stage walkouts and engage in shouting matches.”

The website has a series of links to websites useful for the curriculum for the subject of immigration, as well as useful points for students to work on, as well as how to deal with the controversy and debate of this emotionally charged issue.

I found this website particulary interesting as it allows you to look into the subject further and also recognises that it is important for students to learn about current affairs that are affecting them and that they may feel quite passionate about.

I chose this website. This website links to many websites from different kind of sources about the history of American immigration for students.

This website also have an activity to do after understanding about immigrant like answering the question, writing an emigrant story, ask own family about their history, creating a immigration timeline, making an immigration procedures list, and so on.

The good point of this website is that shows the website by student for student. There are many website linked at this website so that student can search from here about immigration easily and save their time.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Immigration K-12

I have chosen this website because it shows the lesson plans and activities for Ellis Island and then it also has different activities for kids. I thought this was very good showing the history if America because for one of the activities called America: Land of Opportunity, the kids can help the immigrants find jobs making America strong and answering questions allow the children to see how the immigrants help. It also has teachers lesson plans in which we can see what teachers use as their sources and activities, showing different sites that are linked to different sites of immigration.

It shows immigration to be a big part of American history as there is much detail that has been put into this site with all the links and activities, it is as though people do not want their children to forget from where they may have come from and remember their heritage and for others it could be seen as a reminder that the immigrants helped to make America great.

K-12 and how it presents immigration

This website is based on the K-12 and how in an American school how 7th- 8th graders learn about the history of American Immigration. This site talks about in this particular American high school Immigration is taught in more than one subject area which shows the importance of this part of history. The subject area's that it falls into are Social Studies, Language Arts, Computer Science, Reading and Family Consumer Science. Within these subject area Immigration is learnt through time lines, and projects that cover important questions such as 'why immigrants left Europe, Asia, and the Southern Hemisphere for the United States?' but also to recognised the different elements that an immigrant had to deal with when leave their homes behind and starting again in the new world of America. This particular High School page cover who they were, where they were from, the hardships and difficulties they would have come up against, and how once lived and how they adapted to their new American lives. All of these areas of study are gone over by the students through research paper, poetry writing, short story writing, small work in historical fiction, Family Trees. To make sure that the students are aware of their countries history and also that they have taken in the information proved by their teachers.


This website is from a High School in America. It starts by outlining the statistics of immigration from the 1770's to the present day, and moves on to showing the shifts in where the immigrants come from. It then goes on to criticising America's policy on immigration saying it's brought many problems, such as language barriers, hostilities between ethnic groups and their inability to assimilate quick enough to American culture. It says how in the economic downturn Americans can't be expected to find employment for all the immigrants when some Americans themselves don't even have jobs. The website calls for a change in policy asking whether America should change to a 'closed-door policy' and limit the number of immigrants coming into the country. It is clear from this site that there are fears of immigrants coming and taking jobs at this difficult time where unemployment is at 10% in America. However, teaching this to school children could cause hostilities between ethnic groups as it could persuade Americans that immigrants are taking their jobs and money, causing tensions amongst Americans and the immigrants.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Women through the decades.

I chose an abstract from an article for my item on women in the 1980s. I found this particularly interesting as it suggests that the “backlash” towards feminism in the 1980s was not as dominant as it has been portrayed to be. This theory arose after examining data from the Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey. The data showed that amongst men as well as women, there was a significant increase in pro-feminist views of the wife and mother roles.

For my item on women I this century, I found a speech entitled “Role of Women in the 21st Century” by Josette S. Shiner, an editor of the Washington Times. Shiner begins her speech by talking about the bond women have, and the significant part they play in the human race. This thoughtfully represents women in their more historical role of the mother. She continues by talking about women in the 21st century, and the message women of power are putting across. It is seen as one of anger and how to compete with men. Shiner doesn’t believe this should be the way forward; she puts across the idea that women should embrace their womanhood and femininity, and use it to their advantage, and to the world’s advantages instead of trying to be more like men. I think the points she puts across are important, as women seem to be gaining more power, women such as Hillary Clinton. Her ideas that women shouldn’t have to act like men to get to the top should be taken onboard.

Women in work (1980's and Present day)

This image is from the American television show called Extrem Home Makeover where they go to different states to help families in need and build them new house in around 3 days. I have picked this particular image as i thought in was an interesting representation of a women in a male dominated proffesion. This is as the woman in the pink tool belt Paige hemmis is part of the carpentry side of them team which is normal seen as a male industry. This image shows that times have moved on and that women can been seen to work along side men in an industrial job and have been seen to be able to work at the same high standard. If you have seen the show it can be said that yes she has been accepted into a male indudtary but she is mostly seen making the little girl in the families rooms and not the boys or the partens which are mostly given to the male members of the team. I think that this image shows how women have succeded but not on a large scal and not without being seen to still have some feminime ways for example paiges signature pink toolbelt boots and t shirt.

This image is of two american women working on a form of transport which has been seen to be a style of work that a man should do and not a women as she was said to be to sweet, emotional and not strong enough to undertake this style of work. But this image shows a different representaion, which is that women are not these stereotypes but are just as capable as men. That they can handle hard long hours and hard labouring work and getting dirty if the need to. This image shows women and men that women can still be women and work, that they can look, dress and act like women and still carry out the same tasks as men and to the same standard or even to a higher standard.

Boys To Men: Media Messages About Masculinity

The idea of Masculinity in America now in the present is diffrent from how it would have be seen and presented in the past. This article from the website talks about this change. The article talks about how the media plays a big role in how males and their Masculinity are seen to be represented today to children who are the onces that are consuming the majority of the media. It is said that the children have started to see men as being violent and angry, and not as strong, supportive and the provider as they have been seen as in the past. These ideas have come from television shows and movies as the artical says that about 74% of the males that appear in these fomrs of media are shown as being anti-social, ridiculing, lying, aggressive or defiant acts.

Boys in America in the present time only have this image of men and how they should be and strive to be. This image shows them that the way to sort out a probrlm is to get angry and violent and then it will be solve. But this ideas that they are been shown are not the right onces as theycould be what is said to be leading so many young men the crime, as they no longer have a majority influence from thier farthers and coachs. The influence, advie, and live skills boys use to learn form their farther and coaches has been lost and replaced with the representations they see and learn from video games, television shows, movies and music. These froms of media can be seen to make young American men feel trapped "Our culture puts boys in a gender straitjacket, channeling their full range of healthy emotions into narrow forms of expression, often aggressive ones. Media legitimates these constraints at a time when we desperately need to reinvent manhood in America." Dr. William Pollack.
- I picked this image to sum up what the sterotypical woman would be viewed as in the 80's, even though women by this time were starting to get more involed with the workplace women were still thought as that there onl job should be looking after the house and the kitchen was there workplace. Even though the responsibility's of the parents should be even between the Mother and the Father if the Father has a job it is not viewed as his responsabilty to look after the kids and if the Woman has a job she still has to fit in taking care of her kids aswell. Even though women had by this time smartened up and realised this was not right men could not see it from there point of view and just expected there wifes to do whatever they wished and would be the perfect housewife and put aside there wants and needs for the sake of there family while the man would continue with his life. - For my website I chose this one which sum's up womens rights in America today which men would of had for century's it goes over such simple things which men take heavily for granted these sorts of rights given to women are still fairely recent and there are still prejdice views from men to women in the workplace and there is still discrimination in the workplace today. Women that are pregnant would be denied promotions because of it because it is viewed as a hinderence with days off work so it would not be good for the company however a woman can not lose her job over being pregnant.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Women In the Workplace

For this task it was intresting looking different articles and imges with both women and work.

For my first article I came across an article from Vancouver Sun and it is a article of female dock workers and the sexual harrasment that is involved. To begin with dock working would have orginally been a man's workplace, somewhere where they could have probably relaxed and a place that would have made them feel more masculine, however since the introduction of women into the workforce there has been the constant rivialry between men and women an the result of sexual harrassment.

"We're doing everything we can do to tell these guys they can't behave like that any more," Smith said. He said foremen are given sensitivity training and graffiti is painted over as soon as it's spotted.

From this quote we can see the immediate effect that women would have had on the workplace, it is as if they are saying men are not allowed to be masculine anymore they have to go through sensitivity training diminshing their manhood.

For my 1980's article I looked at a womens history timeline.

I noticed that when I moved the timeline to the 80's there are a lot of cases in which women are becoming the first women to do a task. for example Vigdis Finnbogadottir becomes the president of Iceland and Baroness Young becomes the first woman to lead the House of Lords. Through this massive boom of women gaining workplacements, it is easy to see why maculinity would have been diminished and how women gain places within society.

Women and Work
I found this image of the women astronauts in America who were training in 1980. These women were the first six women to train to go into space. In 1983 one of them became the first American woman to go into space. I thought this picture showed that even though lots of women were discriminated against in 1980's there were some which went against the norm and did jobs that were typically male jobs, such as being an astronaut. This could be used to argue against the idea that women can't do powerful or masculine jobs as it shows that they are just as capable, and do the jobs just as well as men can.
This is a website set up to build awareness about the problem of low-wage jobs in America for women. It states how 60% of low-wage workers are women, and a third of jobs for women are low-wage jobs. It shows how its not because of lack of education as it says that 40% of people in low-wage work have a high-school diploma. This website has a vision to ensure every woman who works full time earns enough to afford the basics and support their family. This would start to reduce the inequality that is still seen between men and women in the workplace.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Masculinity in America

When looking for an article that expresses about the contemptory issues within American Culture, it is very hard to find the right sort of site to inform you. However I found this site called PEP web which is a digital archive of classic psychoanalytic texts and I found a small review of From Hero to Robot by Ralph A. Luce, Jr. It deals with the changing relationships of the 20th century sexes and gives reasons for why this is, it mentions that since these changes we can see the rise of women and the diminishing power of the father figures. It also mentions the issues of growing up and establishing identies and notes that in particiular young boys because of sexual confusion within todays societies.

It cuts off half-way because of suscribing for the particular archives but it mentions about boys whose primary influence is their mothers. It could be seen that when a boys primary influence is their mother this could make them more feminine therefore diminishing the power of masculinity whereas boys raised by their fathers would become more masculine.