Thursday, 6 May 2010

Remembering 9/11

I choose this video because i thought it was very powerful with the video clips of the planes flying in to the buildings and with the buildings falling down then with the still images of the distress on peoples face and the emotions they are feelings. I found this video very moving and i found it very hard to watch it all the way through because of the disturbing images of the moments the planes went soaring into the world trade center. still after 9 years gone i still feel my stomach turning when seeing the clips another aspect of this video which gripped me was the use of music aswell. very powerful classical music to set the mood and tempo of the video. also the video has still images of biblical messages on it

The first still image you still is of an American firefighter standing on the rumble that once stood the towers standing alone in a very Salome image then the next image is of the street below with rumble scattered around the streets and people in despair with the American flag still blowing and flowing in the wind. This video is very patriotic and encourages emotion out of the person watching the tribute video.

The video shows the buildings falling from different angels and different news stations and i think showing the same scenes from different television stations.

The Video tribute i think is very hard hitting and emotional and makes me remember the day when it happened and seeing the clips for the first time 9 years ago.

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