Tuesday, 18 May 2010

George Saunders


I chose the article about Christmas from 'American Psyche' series from The Guardian. I couldn't find any relevant article about story Christmas from 'In Persuasion Nation' which I am going to do a presentation, so I chose this which I thought interesting and can consider to contemporary America.
George starts his sentence which says America will be Christmas from late July. When I first came to England I saw people buying Christmas presents in the late October and thought it is really first, but in America it starts from late July which surprise me.
I think its not just America but nowadays people's thinking of Christmas had been changed.
As George says, in the past Christmas was filled with people freezing to death in their fields. However, in contemporary, everyone looks healthy and has presents in their hands. People nowadays make Christmas nostalgic with many illuminations which I think exaggerated.

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