Monday, 3 May 2010

Faith within America

If you think American you automatically when the question of religion is brought up you think America as christian and they do not hide this fact either. The protestant Christianity was the backbone of America when it was first created and you can see how the idea of God is used and how people look up to him, any American family based show will show moment where there characters are either praying or go to church. You can tell by the grand services they have in great meeting places to celebrate there religion and the identity of America is found upon by religion. some of there stereo types for America besides its negative ones are that they are a very Christian country.

But the idea of America is that it always gets the newest things first and lot of fad's to come out of America to the rest of the world one example of this is new religions have come out of this and is often eaten up by celebrates then other people follow them.

Scientology, the website it self looks like a website for a holiday resort and they also have an advert that runs upon clicking on the link, i for one have not witnessed a advert for religion....
this religion has taken a lot of people to believe it in and some A list celebrities believe in it too some of the more known for it are Tom cruse and John Travolta.
But however it is acepectable in America this sort of behavior its the land of the free and not only is religion is apart of the American identity but also freedom of choice and the vast amounts of different religious path's you can choice from. i do not think one religion can be chosen to represent America even though most people would say Christianity i think the all the different religions make up the Identity of American.

The one that has created the most stir is scientology which has hit America in a big way and they now have churches in the UK aswell

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