Wednesday, 5 May 2010

9/11 Tribute

I have chosen a tribute to 9/11 by the world famous American band U2. I chose this because its different to all the other tributes as it doesn't actually have any images of what happened on that day, and you wouldn't even know it was about 9/11 unless told before the performance. The tribute was performed at the half time show at the Superbowl, one of the most watched sports in America so it could be seen by as many people as possible. The tribute is powerful as it has a back drop with all the names of the people who died in 9/11 running whilst they are singing. The back drop falls down in the song which is powerful as it symbolises the falling of the twin towers. It is also notable that the stage they are performing on is in a heart shape, and Bono makes a heart shape with his hands on his chest towards the end of the song showing compassion and love for the country at a difficult time. At the end Bono lifts his jacket and reveals the American flag in the lining which shows his patriotism and that America are still a strong country even when they have experienced a terrorist attack.

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