Thursday, 20 May 2010

American Psyche - Election

I found this blog task slightly difficult because many of the articles did not make any sense to me, but then I found this one article that I think I may have made some sense into it. The task was to locate an article and see whether it is relevent to his fiction or to the contempory America and that we should comment on the vision of the USA it offers.
The reason that I chose this article was because it talks about the elections even though it does not link with my presentation, I feel that it offers a view on contempory American life, while reading the article I noticed that many of the signs that are there are insults to other people, from this I got the idea that some people do not elect on the things that they offer but rather the name that they carry. Also it links in with Saunders idea of irrationality within an exaggerated form, the signs could show how the candidates would be if they got elected.
This comment also offers a negetive vision on America as in this exaggerated form shows american leaders as they truly are.

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