Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Google search on "American Declinism"

This weeks task was to type the words ' American Declinism' into google and see what websites came up. The website of 'Unca Darrell- old,conservative, christian, in love with my wife, texas, america,western civilisation, and jesus. Sorry about the decline of newspapers.'talks about that yes America is in decline but like other great nations before it the collapse will happen suddenly and not over the next century. he says like the Roman Empire which collapsed over 5 decades or Ming dynasty went fell over eight years, or the most recent the decline of the Soviet Union over less than five years. These example show the path that some americans and others around the world feel will happen to america as it has happened so many times already throughout history. Unca Darrell make an interesting point as he talks about the signs that have already started to come through about the american decline one of which is that 'Alarm bells should therefore be ringing very loudly, indeed, as the United States contemplates a deficit for 2009 of more than $1.4 trillion -- about 11.2 percent of GDP, the biggest deficit in 60 years -- and another for 2010 that will not be much smaller. . . .' which shows that america is already in trouble so it is easy to see how things can carry on getting worse in the near future. But American are still being expected to muddle through and come up with a solution as the decline of american will effect the globe as a whole.

But there is also the opinion of Josef Joffe, co editor of Die Zeit who has a more optimistic opinion which is that 'he United States remains first on any scale of power that matters -- economic, military, diplomatic, or cultural -- despite being embroiled in two wars and beset by the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.'

Both opinions are valued but its up to americans which one they chose to believe and live by because that could lead to if they get up and trying to stop the idea of a decline or to just sit down and except it and let it happen and allow a nation such as china to become the next super power of the world.

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