Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tribute to 9/11.

When typing 9/11 on YouTube, so many different videos come up. Some tributes, some footage of news reports from the day, and some talking about the conspiracy theories behind the attacks. I chose this 4 minute tribute video because out of the many I watched, it was the only one I can across that had no music. It simply shows a montage of photos of the twin towers. Some photos used are from before the attacks. One image that particularly caught my attention was one of the New York skylines before the attack, with the American flag faintly in the background, and in the far corner is the bald headed eagle, a significant symbol of America. The video shows images of the heroic fire fighters who risked their lives to save others, even when there was little hope left. Another significant image that is shown about a minute into the video, is one that I used in my very first blog post. It is one of 3 fire fighters raising the American flag at ground zero. I think this is a positive image of a negative thing. It shows that in awful times of disaster, Americans are still extremely patriotic, and come together when their nation is being attacked. Towards the end of the video we see patriotic images remembering 9/11, ones that people have made, including one from a non American who writes “pardon my English”.
I chose this video because it reflects on all parts of the attacks on the twin towers, including the aftermath, and also shows how it united many Americans. I believe that this video’s silence leaves time to reflect, and takes nothing away from the images, making it thoughtful and significant.

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