Thursday, 6 May 2010

Don't forget the 9/11 - Tribute

I have chosen this video for the tribute of the 9/11 because of the images that are shown throughout the video, they are not all about the attack some of them are childrens innocence and others are what firefighters used to do before that day. One that was striking was an image of the american eagle crying for its country that it is so proud of. The images consisted also of the before and after effects so that we could see the effect that it had on the American community. Another reason that I chose this video was because it is a tribute to 9/11 and the song that is behind it is called Heaven, using the lyrics with a girl singing it we can hear that she is still waiting for her dad to come home even though he's not. It also asks not to forget about the 9/11 even though this day is very traumatic and upsetting, they could find that if they forget this then they will lose that memory of what America used to be like.

I do not really remember 9/11 however watching this tribute with the lyrics and the pictures made it very hard for me not to feel emotion towards the Americans by wondering how many Americans have had their lives changed by this and the devestation that it caused.

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