Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Contemporary America.


I chose recover.gov as a website that I feel represents contemporary America. The website was set up by the government to show the American people, and the rest of the world how they were planning to rebuild America. It is a way of showing people that the recovery act is working, and where exactly that money is going. I believe this type of website was set up by the Obama administration as not only a new way of communicating with the American people, but also to regain their trust which was lost during the Bush administration.

The website shows the Recovery bill in its entirety. It also shortly summarises what the act plans to do, such as create new jobs and invest in long-term economic growth. I believe this website shows contemporary America as I feel it shows how the new America government are trying to work with the people, and trying to unite Americans, instead of turning them against their government. Interacting with the American people in this was also shows how the government are taking a more modern approach to reach more people.

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