Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Review of Postings.

I felt my blog on Hispanic Americans was my best. The websites I chose were eye opening in different ways. For example, the webpage that had a list of the 10 best cities for Hispanics to live in was interesting as it showed that despite them wanting to feel part of America, and the increase of the Hispanic population rising, that they in fact chose to stick to parts where they would live amongst their culture. I also found my other webpage for this blog interesting and useful as it made many points of the Hispanic populations contributions to wars America has fought in.

The blog I felt I did not do so well in was the one about Guns. I found it hard to find website that provided me with the information and views I was looking for. It seemed that pro gun sites did not explain their want and need for guns in any other way than by saying freedom and quoting the second commandment. I expected to find many webpages against guns and expected to see their views put across in an effective way. I did not find this, however it is much simpler for people who are for guns to explain their reasons than for people who are against them as the issue of banning guns is far more complex. I also found this blog hard to do as I found it hard to sympathise and understand people’s reasons for wanting to own guns. In my opinion they have taken the second amendment out of context completely. It does not state that you should keep a gun to fight the government; it states that you should have the right to own a gun to fight off foreign power who may take over.
Overall I have enjoyed using the blogs, and found them interesting and helpful in finding resources and information to further my knowledge and understanding of the United States of America.

Glenn Beck

Glenn beck vs South park; Snf; John stuart - is the name of the video i have chosen

While looking for videos on each of these people the one that stuck out to me was the Glenn beck when he is confronting all his recent critisms over the past few weeks, from jon stuart, SNL and south park. i have chosen this video because south park is a show i hold in high regard and find very entertaining and i liked to see Glenn's response to this episode because it was alll related to him and i would reconmend seeing the episode it is seris 13 and it is called dancses with smurf's. While each three of Glenns critics seem to all pick up on the same thing it is all done in a very entertainging way. Glenn handles himself very well in the video and how he finishs it off i thought was very good and related to what many people would be thinking about american politction. He stands his ground and defends his points aw well and does not back down in after these 3 shows have been on the air. at the start it seems Glenn takes these pokes at him in jest but towards the end within the last minute or so yyou can see him becoming more passinate about what he has said.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Postings?

The blog i thought i did the best on...
Was outside the American norm i really enjoyed researching for this post because i like the whole idea of the love generation and some of my most like bands come out of this noticion in the 60's i thouht the website i found was very good at summing up the hippies and what they stood for and i felt personally that i did well with what i was talking about aswell. I quiet like the idea of being out the norm aswell and hippies symbolis this way of life not being what is expected, being in indiviual, standing out in a crowd. there was alot i have missed out, i wish i did speak more about the hippie comunity and how they helped each other out and also i should of mentioned what happened to them and where they are now in the modern day world. i wish i went on in more detail about the differences between them and what was expected from the American norm also.

The blog i did not do the best in...

There was too blogs i have chosen for this. one was the one that was set in lectures which i still havnt done because i still don't understand and will get done as soon as.

but the other is the one with meeting the native's, i really struggled with this post i was un able to find any good source to relate with the post and i also lost the link to the site which really let me down, i tried for hours trying to find any information between the first settlers and the natives but it the end i found a sort of story describing what happened, which has to be taken with a pinch of salt because it was a secondary source so not fully reliable and does not give a true account of the first meeting between the two parties. There was alot i could of done better in this post now after being at the small group and what we talked about that day that is usefull now. what i could of done better is found a more realiable source to use (and also saved the link)

Overall this blog task has been one of the most enojoyable tasks i have done since being in education ( which has been along time now) i really enjoyed the freedom to talk about whatever we felt was needed to relate to the title. It really helped me to understand a America more because i did not to it as a A level and came in with no previous knowledge it really helped me get started. and i hope it continues after Christmas.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oreo Cookies

First I found an advert for Oreo cookies that aired in America. What I noticed about the other adverts I watched for the same product was that they all contained the same “traditional” way of eating an Oreo cookie. The slogan at the end is “Milk’s favourite cookie”. The advert is a father and son both eating an Oreo cookie with milk, but later on in the commercial we see that they are talking over webcam online. I chose this advert as I feel it plays on the American family values that are embedded in their society.

Gap Clothing

I chose this advert as it is typical of Gap. Gap always produce bright, colourful adverts, with music playing a key part in its advertisement. From the writing at the beginning and the style of clothes it is quite obvious that it is a Gap advert. Although it is not such a big store here anymore, it is still a popular make and well known shop in America. I feel this advert is a prime example of a product being able to sell itself by being well known and people familiarising themselves with its style.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Material Culture

Looking for adverts found that the easiest one was for Levi there is a great number of choice when it comes to this brand, the one that I have chosen stars Brad Pitt leaving prison and the security keeping his jeans, when he is released a girl turns up with a car and extra jeans, they leave the security man stunned. I chose this one because jeans were always associated with rebels and bad boys, so the irony is that Brad Pitt comes out of prison to have his jeans stolen and still get the girl. The value behind this would be that if men wore Levi jeans they would then be considered to be rebellious and sexy with the idea that any girl will fall them if they are wearing them and will be able to spite other men.

I watched a few more of these and was often left wondering what are they actually selling because hardly any of the advert is mentioned on the product they are selling.

I also decided to look for food adverts and came across one for Burger King starring Jason Biggs, for this advert they were eating Burger King and it was compared to McDonalds and then shown that you get more for your money, it was then interesting that they said back to work and put McDonalds caps on. Firstly the reason that I chose this is because they are making Burger King special by comparing them with McDonalds and also Jason Biggs was working in McDonalds. So overall I was left wondering why a star would work in Burger King and if he would even know what he is selling, because there is the possibilty that the star has never been to Burger King. This becomes the new selling method putting stars and supermodels in fast food places.

Material Culture

Search in youtube Levi 501 jeans - Great deal (1990) The original Work the biker
The link did will not work for the Advert i picked but i chose one of the original Levi 1990's adverts which we highly popular in america, the advert itself shows a busy office with when a hansome man on a motobike rides in in his Levi jeans and his boots, he gets a mixed reaction of looks from the peole in the office the women seem to love him from the start while the men look at him in anger or jealousy. This advert seems to have hiden meaning because of the office being linked to somewhere you are tied down to and trapped in and the motobike representing freedom. This could mean the Levi is trying to tie its self in with this idea of freedom.

as far as the Vaules go regarding its use value it is used for clothing and was at first linked to workers. because of its wearability. this made the make of jeans very popular and a house hold name in todays work. the raw material it relies on is of course denim.

however because of its increasing populartiy in todays world as well as the 90's this has lead on to increase the price of the Levi's jeans to roughly £70 for jeans in the uk alone, i do not know the average price in america, however the Levi brand is still associted with good quility jeans and is looked upon in the modern day as it was about 10 years ago, and the adverts have seemed to stay the same with a modern twist a more 21st century look, with a more typically good looking chap for the year would be different from the man on the bike in the 90's.

The levi symbol stands today for good make of jeans which has been made highly famous with its quility as well as it adverts in the early years portraying women and men and sex objects so this idea of good looking men and women wre continued with the jeans,