Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Postings?

The blog i thought i did the best on...
Was outside the American norm i really enjoyed researching for this post because i like the whole idea of the love generation and some of my most like bands come out of this noticion in the 60's i thouht the website i found was very good at summing up the hippies and what they stood for and i felt personally that i did well with what i was talking about aswell. I quiet like the idea of being out the norm aswell and hippies symbolis this way of life not being what is expected, being in indiviual, standing out in a crowd. there was alot i have missed out, i wish i did speak more about the hippie comunity and how they helped each other out and also i should of mentioned what happened to them and where they are now in the modern day world. i wish i went on in more detail about the differences between them and what was expected from the American norm also.

The blog i did not do the best in...

There was too blogs i have chosen for this. one was the one that was set in lectures which i still havnt done because i still don't understand and will get done as soon as.

but the other is the one with meeting the native's, i really struggled with this post i was un able to find any good source to relate with the post and i also lost the link to the site which really let me down, i tried for hours trying to find any information between the first settlers and the natives but it the end i found a sort of story describing what happened, which has to be taken with a pinch of salt because it was a secondary source so not fully reliable and does not give a true account of the first meeting between the two parties. There was alot i could of done better in this post now after being at the small group and what we talked about that day that is usefull now. what i could of done better is found a more realiable source to use (and also saved the link)

Overall this blog task has been one of the most enojoyable tasks i have done since being in education ( which has been along time now) i really enjoyed the freedom to talk about whatever we felt was needed to relate to the title. It really helped me to understand a America more because i did not to it as a A level and came in with no previous knowledge it really helped me get started. and i hope it continues after Christmas.

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