Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Material Culture

Search in youtube Levi 501 jeans - Great deal (1990) The original Work the biker
The link did will not work for the Advert i picked but i chose one of the original Levi 1990's adverts which we highly popular in america, the advert itself shows a busy office with when a hansome man on a motobike rides in in his Levi jeans and his boots, he gets a mixed reaction of looks from the peole in the office the women seem to love him from the start while the men look at him in anger or jealousy. This advert seems to have hiden meaning because of the office being linked to somewhere you are tied down to and trapped in and the motobike representing freedom. This could mean the Levi is trying to tie its self in with this idea of freedom.

as far as the Vaules go regarding its use value it is used for clothing and was at first linked to workers. because of its wearability. this made the make of jeans very popular and a house hold name in todays work. the raw material it relies on is of course denim.

however because of its increasing populartiy in todays world as well as the 90's this has lead on to increase the price of the Levi's jeans to roughly £70 for jeans in the uk alone, i do not know the average price in america, however the Levi brand is still associted with good quility jeans and is looked upon in the modern day as it was about 10 years ago, and the adverts have seemed to stay the same with a modern twist a more 21st century look, with a more typically good looking chap for the year would be different from the man on the bike in the 90's.

The levi symbol stands today for good make of jeans which has been made highly famous with its quility as well as it adverts in the early years portraying women and men and sex objects so this idea of good looking men and women wre continued with the jeans,

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