Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Material Culture


Looking for adverts found that the easiest one was for Levi there is a great number of choice when it comes to this brand, the one that I have chosen stars Brad Pitt leaving prison and the security keeping his jeans, when he is released a girl turns up with a car and extra jeans, they leave the security man stunned. I chose this one because jeans were always associated with rebels and bad boys, so the irony is that Brad Pitt comes out of prison to have his jeans stolen and still get the girl. The value behind this would be that if men wore Levi jeans they would then be considered to be rebellious and sexy with the idea that any girl will fall them if they are wearing them and will be able to spite other men.

I watched a few more of these and was often left wondering what are they actually selling because hardly any of the advert is mentioned on the product they are selling.


I also decided to look for food adverts and came across one for Burger King starring Jason Biggs, for this advert they were eating Burger King and it was compared to McDonalds and then shown that you get more for your money, it was then interesting that they said back to work and put McDonalds caps on. Firstly the reason that I chose this is because they are making Burger King special by comparing them with McDonalds and also Jason Biggs was working in McDonalds. So overall I was left wondering why a star would work in Burger King and if he would even know what he is selling, because there is the possibilty that the star has never been to Burger King. This becomes the new selling method putting stars and supermodels in fast food places.

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