Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Glenn Beck

Glenn beck vs South park; Snf; John stuart - is the name of the video i have chosen

While looking for videos on each of these people the one that stuck out to me was the Glenn beck when he is confronting all his recent critisms over the past few weeks, from jon stuart, SNL and south park. i have chosen this video because south park is a show i hold in high regard and find very entertaining and i liked to see Glenn's response to this episode because it was alll related to him and i would reconmend seeing the episode it is seris 13 and it is called dancses with smurf's. While each three of Glenns critics seem to all pick up on the same thing it is all done in a very entertainging way. Glenn handles himself very well in the video and how he finishs it off i thought was very good and related to what many people would be thinking about american politction. He stands his ground and defends his points aw well and does not back down in after these 3 shows have been on the air. at the start it seems Glenn takes these pokes at him in jest but towards the end within the last minute or so yyou can see him becoming more passinate about what he has said.

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