Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Review of Postings.

I felt my blog on Hispanic Americans was my best. The websites I chose were eye opening in different ways. For example, the webpage that had a list of the 10 best cities for Hispanics to live in was interesting as it showed that despite them wanting to feel part of America, and the increase of the Hispanic population rising, that they in fact chose to stick to parts where they would live amongst their culture. I also found my other webpage for this blog interesting and useful as it made many points of the Hispanic populations contributions to wars America has fought in.

The blog I felt I did not do so well in was the one about Guns. I found it hard to find website that provided me with the information and views I was looking for. It seemed that pro gun sites did not explain their want and need for guns in any other way than by saying freedom and quoting the second commandment. I expected to find many webpages against guns and expected to see their views put across in an effective way. I did not find this, however it is much simpler for people who are for guns to explain their reasons than for people who are against them as the issue of banning guns is far more complex. I also found this blog hard to do as I found it hard to sympathise and understand people’s reasons for wanting to own guns. In my opinion they have taken the second amendment out of context completely. It does not state that you should keep a gun to fight the government; it states that you should have the right to own a gun to fight off foreign power who may take over.
Overall I have enjoyed using the blogs, and found them interesting and helpful in finding resources and information to further my knowledge and understanding of the United States of America.

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