Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oreo Cookies

First I found an advert for Oreo cookies that aired in America. What I noticed about the other adverts I watched for the same product was that they all contained the same “traditional” way of eating an Oreo cookie. The slogan at the end is “Milk’s favourite cookie”. The advert is a father and son both eating an Oreo cookie with milk, but later on in the commercial we see that they are talking over webcam online. I chose this advert as I feel it plays on the American family values that are embedded in their society.

Gap Clothing

I chose this advert as it is typical of Gap. Gap always produce bright, colourful adverts, with music playing a key part in its advertisement. From the writing at the beginning and the style of clothes it is quite obvious that it is a Gap advert. Although it is not such a big store here anymore, it is still a popular make and well known shop in America. I feel this advert is a prime example of a product being able to sell itself by being well known and people familiarising themselves with its style.

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