Wednesday, 25 November 2009

For and Against Heathcare reform

This is an obvious choice for a pro website backing Obamas new helthcare plan. even the link to the website is called pro healthcare this website shows the positive side of the healthcare reform and presents it as a very good thing to happen in America on the webpage it self it shows an ideal imaage of Obama wish the whitehouse in the background to give off this ideal presidentual image of him in a sort of light which is meant to say what he is doing is what is best for America to state the obvious this is a pretty one sided web page does not show the arguements of reforming healthcare gives off alot of statics regarding surveys to gain people opinion on healthcare. and these high figures indicate that healthcare reform is what everyone wants. "While economic recovery is far-and-away their top concern (73 percent), 43 percent said reforming health care reform should be a top priority, after fighting terrorism (48 percent)."

"There really is an historic wind of opportunity for health reform,"

This webpage is more from a against political view rather than just the stright forward no answer which then leads to slagging off their oppent. this website shows the negitive side of the reform and even shows democrates against their presidents new bill. the group known as the blue dogs stand against the new bill because they view it as problamatic. this shows how the democratic party is divided and the lack of faith they have in their leader.

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