Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Outside the American norm - i used this website because i couldn't really find a group and African Americans and i thought i would show where it began.

Since they first got kidnapped and brought over to America and even in some parts of current America. The Africans have been seen as below white people of the ladder of social order, The first Africans became slaves and were sold and passed between wealthy white Americans like they were more like objects then people. this way of life went on for a very long time. They were seen outside the normal for various reasons. first would be because they came from a far less developed country then the first Americans so the Americans saw this as they were better than them and thought gave them the right to take them from there and brand them and sell them on to the highest bidder. and once slavery ended there was still more racism in America. The black people were kept away from white people like they had an infection or something. African Americans were forced to sit at the back of the bus, they were not allowed in restaurants these are just few examples of how they were treated.

They were seen so far out of the circle of norm America That violent racist groups were created who wanted to 'remove the black problem'.

A more recent group of people outside the American norm was the hippie generation in the 1960s - 1970s. this group of people were seen so out of the American norm with their lifestyle. the clothing, there attitude. while the American attitude at this time was the sort of 2.4 kids working dad and house-wife. and this image of American was inbeded in the minds of all. and when the hippie movement began and sort of rebelled against this way of life it was seen as such a culture shock. What was ironic about this generation was that often is hippies often came from middle-class homes. so this showed insted of starting off outside the norm they were in the norm and wanted to break away. there attitudes were completely different from the American traditional way of life. flegrent drug use. lack of a steady job, having sex with more than just one person. constant revolt against 'the man' (American government mainly) and the peace attitude which rivaled the government because during the love generation the Vietnam war was going on.

Hence the famous image of the riffle with the flower in it.

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