Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Is America Exeptional

It is very difficult to search for things that describe the new America however I was very intrested when I discovered this beucase this too can be referenced to De Crevecoeur's account of a new American.

The reason I chose this was because when I reading it I did not really understand the idea of how this makes America exeptional so by reading De Crevecoeur's account again I began to see how I can associate the article with my reading.

Firstly 'America is the most religious, optimistic, patriotic,rightsoriented, and individualistic nation in the world.' I chose this quote becuase this is quoting the guest on the show and I beleive that De Crevecoeur's whole letter has been summed up within one quote. I feel this because De Crevecoeur is very passionate when talking about America's individualism, he mentions 'We have no princes, for whom we toil, starve, and bleed: we are the most perfect society now exisitng in the world' many Americans still beleive this today.

Another intresting quote Ipuuled out is that 'By that he didn't mean equal inincome or equal in power, but he meant that equal opportunity, but also equal interms of social relationships, that Americans didn't bow down to others anddidn't want people to bow down.' I thought this was good becuase De Crevecoeur mentions that America is a land full of new opportunities.

This was a very intresting piece because of the different veiws of America and that is can still be easliy linked to De Crevecoeur's account of the New American Man.

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