Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Irelands view.


I have chosen a critical analysis on Hilary Clinton’s position of Secretary of State, from the Irish Independent website.

I firstly chose to find a piece from Ireland, as Irish-American relations go back centuries, from when the immigrants came to New York. There is also a lot of noticeable American influence within Ireland. More significantly, the Irish have always been very opinionated on the Americans, and in certain situations, rely on them for help and support. The Clintons are popular in Ireland, due to Bill Clinton’s involvement in the Northern Ireland peace process that caused problems for all of Ireland for many years.

The article, while fully supporting Clinton, is suggesting that she has had quite an easy run, compared to Condoleezza Rice, who was Bush’s Secretary of State. It is slightly critical of Obama, suggesting that Clinton is in fact doing better at her job than he is. However it also remarks that Obama is taking the greatest problems the country face upon himself. These are issues such as Afghanistan and Iran.

I find it interesting that they subtly criticize Obama, using Clinton’s successes as well as her manner. It in affect is saying that Clinton is going about matters, in a more subtle, less showy way than Obama, and in a more forceful and substantial manner. This is quite different from the previous view people had of Obama and his presidency. However I feel the article could of dwelled on the fact of Obama facing heavy republican opposition with his policies, while commenting on the so far smooth ride Clinton has had.

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