Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Clinton blames America for Violence in Mexico

I had difficulty trying to find news outside of America that offered criticism of the State but as I was reading this it has an involvement with Mexico and shows that the blame is partly America.

I have chosen this website because it shows the U.S Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton admitting America's demand for illegal narcotics and arms markets is partly to blame for Mexico's violent struggles against drug cartels. However when you read on you notice that the Obama Administration pledged to send more resources to help secure the Mexican border, it is also mentioned that Obama said that he wanted the US to do more to stop the flow of guns and illeagal cash from spreading into the Mexican state.

Further on Mexican officials have complained that Washington failed to acknowledge the fact of the high US drug demand and weapons creating violence.

I chose this article because it shows an American admitting that her own country is doing wrong and is prepared to stand alongside Mexico in order to help prevent the future violence, drugs and weaponry spreading into the Mexican state

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