Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The American Weight Loss Center.

I found a website for The American Weight Loss Center. I felt this related to De Crevecoeur’s idea of the “new American”. With the states having the worlds highest obesity rate, and Americans becoming more aware of the health risks that obesity brings, weight loss programmes are becoming more and more popular.

The website uses short sentences using persuasive language to attract customers. It claims you’ll “discover a healthier, happier you.” This is a lot like De Crevecoeur’s opinion on Europeans moving to America. He says that if you move to America, you will have a better quality of life and be happier for it. The message is very similar to what the weight loss center are trying to promote.

As well as this, the website has a page called “Our Successes”. This is filled with past clients of the company who have lost weight on the programme. It shows a before and after picture so potential clients can see the results for themselves.

The American Weight Loss Center seems to be a growing company, as it advertises to be in 6 different locations. This again could be related to the growth of the American population and how it grew because of the want for a better life. This company will grow also because people want a better life, and they feel that loosing weight will help them with this.

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