Tuesday, 13 October 2009



The website i have chosen to show cuba and america's relationship is a recent one talking about president obama's policy to open Cuba up so the Cuban americans and go back or Cubans to come visit america.
how this website shows it from a negitive side and a postive side.
the website is asking other people what they think of the new policy and while it always gets postive feedback there is a negitive point aswell. such as how much it would cost the American cuban's to go home to visit there family would cost thousands of dollers. and non of them have high paying jobs anyways and there money flow is even less during the time of recession which is currently going on around the world. although the embargo is not being lifted the opotunitity for unlimited travel between America and Cuba would greatly improve there relationship and ease the tention between the two sides.

there has been constent tension between the two countries since castro took over and made Cuba a communist country and that was the start of the cold war between Cuba(USSR) and America. this stand off came to end without any nuclear weapons being used.

also there has been a few moment in time where there on/off war was forgotten about for example the hurricane Michelle which effected cuba lead to america having to send food over to Cuba so they could help recover from it.

I think this website is good because it asks a number of Cuban people so you get a broad opinion on the matter. while everyone is happen for these restrictions to be lifted there is still somethings the peopel are not to pleased about so as the price to get to cuba. And if Cubans come across to America they can only stay in tourist hotels which they also don't have the money for either. still flaws however this shows a major change in the American Cuban Relationship.

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