Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How China Views America


This is an article that I found; originally appearing in Time Asia talking about how China views America and how the country’s progression and development over the past years has affected its relationship to the US. It talks about how students and immigrants from China would first have seen America as "The Gold Mountain epitomizing the promise of wealth, progress and modernity" but also how America seems intent on stopping China from rising to any kind of global power. I thought it was interesting that it was mostly negative views of America when there are so many factors to consider about their relationship. For example there is obviously the controversy from the opposition in the Korean War which officially has not yet been resolved. However, the countries evidently use a lot of commercial trade from the other respectively. The article also goes on to say “Then, in a stunning historical turnaround, U.S. President Richard Nixon visited China, spurring what Arkush and Lee describe as a new period of "rediscovery and respect." By the beginning of China's reform period in 1978, America was once again viewed in a largely positive light by the average Chinese.” This shows how the history and relationship between China and America is ever changing. The article ends by saying “And yet, says Zhang, he isn't pushing his son to aim for a spot at an American university. A decade ago, this may have been the ambition of most Chinese parents, says Zhang, but times have changed: "Nowadays, my son could be just as successful if he studied in China.” This reminds me of how China has progressed over the years and maybe suggests that, being bigger than America, they are heading for more global power than the US is willing to realise.

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  1. US as the 'gold mountain' - I like it!
    Interesting to see the ambivalent attitude to the US - perhaps has significance wider than China?
    Note that this is from 2006 - during the Bush administration.


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