Wednesday, 28 October 2009

VHS, DVD and BluRay

When i was a child i watched plenty of VHS on the TV and 13 years later when my younger sister was born i noticed she was watching DVDs and when i was her age i was watching videos.
the change from video to DVD was in the early years of 2000. and at first was expensive, the players were expensive and the DVDs them self were not cheap. at first the change was very different from the large rectangle to to the small disc it became. they DVD updated the visual experience with special features such as out-takes. directors cut, extended version etc.

this was scene as such a big improvement of what was already such a common thing in every ones household.

and only within the last few years the even the DVD has been improved. just when people considered the DVD to be the end of the line for home entertainment the Bluray was brought out which was meant to be better than the DVD but just like the DVD when it first came out it is very expensive to buy a Bluray film or/and player

i wanted to use this idea because i feel like it may give an insight into america. because the creation of the DVD was not necessairly the most influentual creation in the past. it was just an improvement of what has already been done. and then once again with the creation of Bluray disc there for just adding on to something that still has not become un popular and just charging the consumer more for a product which is still not dated in todays world.

These examples show you the every updating world we live in. But if it ain't broken, Don't fix it

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