Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Obama Administration - For or Against

I have chosen this site because it is for the Obama Administration by explaining to people what the reform is there for, it can be suggested that people may not know what the reform is about or what it could do for them, by explaining it through this people may be convinced to accept the Obama Administration. In a way it can be seen as propaganda because even I began to feel quite influenced for the Obama Administration.

I have used this one as my against because Chuck Grassley fundraises against the reforms of Health care, it does not really say why he is against this, the quite that is given is "the simple truth is that I am and always have been opposed to the Obama administration's plan to nationalize health care. Period."
it is said that he will have a difficult challenge ahead of him and I find this to be true because there are many Americans with out health care right now that the reform could benefit.

it will be interesting to find out which two emerge as the successor of this fight for or against the reform because there will be a high number of views coming from both sides of this.

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  1. Same comment as with Siobhan's post.
    How can we orientate ourselves with respect to this deluge of web coverage of the health care debate, with its claims and counter-claims?
    Here are a couple of approaches:
    1. Identify the strategies being used by the different sides. Are there any positive values in the the anti- campaigns? Or are they totally devoted to finding (or inventing) flaws in the proposals and the proposers? Do you think it is incumbent on the anti- campaigners to defend the status quo or come up with alternatives?
    2. To what extent is the healthcare debate symptomatic of a wider split in US society and culture? On the one side ideologies of individualism and the market, and on the other side notions of community and mutual aid. If so, where do the healthcare corporations come in? Is one of the complexities here the use of individualistic ideology to shore up the power and privileges of big companies?


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