Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Popular Political Pundits

This was a really interesting blog task and highly amusing in some places. The person that I finally decided to watch more videos for was Rachel Maddow, the reason why I have chosen this is because even though she is a professional and is telling the news of the tea baggers protest even she can not help but laugh at that connations that tea baggers has gained.

It is mentioned in this video that people sent tea bags to the White House and then invited people to tea bag Obama. However even though there is humour in there, she still manages to get the point across, she mentions about the tea parties and that Chairman Steele requested to go to one, this was permitted but he is not allowed to talk as it will give people a chance to say what they want and that he will listen to them.

In this video it is also mentioned about Chairman Steele appearing but not speaking, however when told to the press Chairman Steele denies even asking to speak. Also a dozen other republican members of public have also asked to attend to the tea parties. Throughout this video she also mentions about previous tea bagging events and mentioned that other themes have emerged such as down with Obama.

I feel that Rachel Maddow thinks that the situation is a bit silly otherwise she would not be so humourous with the situation of the tea baggers.

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