Wednesday, 11 November 2009

pro and anti gun websites

this website is obviously pro gun website saf stands for second amendment foundation. the point in this website is show reasons why guns are okay in American society. This website has loads of information on it and is presented very well this shows how much this means to people out there, the web page it self contains lot of information, for example recent issues regarding guns, sponsors they website has, related links down the left hand side. the main feed seems to be regarding political issues regarding anti gun and pro gun and people 'standing in the way of the right to bear arms' as some people may see it. there is a clear line in the sand about this on going issue in America. Some people want guns others do not. there are of course positive and negatives with guns. and this gun focus on the positive things guns provide such as protection from attackers etc. i choice this website because it is a window into the minds of the people who support the second amendment and protect what it stands for daily without a second thought on the matter.

i was unable to being a page like i did for pro gun because anti gun groups don't seem to create web pages showing their hatred for the gun but i did find this page listing details on gun control in the united states of America in a biased way. portraying it in a negative light just saying how easy it is for any man and or woman in any mental state OR age to get there hands on a fire arm. which is a major problem in America with all its shootings that have happened in recent years. Gun control was meant to change under Clinton but while some of the laws did change enough change has not happened and still anyone can still get a gun the only difference is they may have to wait a day or two before they can play god.

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