Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hispanic Americans.

I chose this first website as my historical choice as it has many pages about the Hispanic community’s active role in the making of America. Approximately 300,000 Spaniards emigrated to the “New World” and went on to discover different parts of America.
What I found most interesting on this site was its comment on the revolutionary war of 1775-1783. It states that Spain was a crucial ally of America, which few realise as Americas most famous ally in the war was France. It also mentions the financial funding provided by the women in Havana, Cuba.
As well as this, the website reveals the statistic of the number of Hispanic casualties during the Vietnam War. Hispanics accounted for 25% of casualties during the war.

For my contemporary website, I chose a page from Hispanics magazine. It has an article on the top 10 cities for Hispanics to live in, considering the current economic climate. It talks of what Hispanics look for in a place to live.

It states,
“It should come as no surprise that Hispanics look for the same things that most Americans do.”

I feel here, that they are considering themselves as Americans who are a part of America, instead of just considering themselves as a separate group of Americans.

Although, it goes on to say,
“But to add to those things factors that are a little less quantifiable, such as a culture of inclusion where Hispanics are highly represented.”

To me, this shows that Hispanics do separate themselves, and feel like others compared to Americans. However it shows that they don’t like to be on their own in this sense and would rather live in a Hispanic community so they are surrounded by people of their culture.

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