Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gun Control


I found a website for the CSGV – The Coalition to stop gun violence. Using methods such as “research, strategic engagement, and effective policy advocacy”, they hope to be free from guns.

I found their page on issues and campaigns particularly interesting. Their article on “Guns, Democracy, and Freedom”, talks of the National Rifle Associations view on gun control, saying their theory comes from “insurrection”, which means they oppose having a strong, activist government.
It explains how this notion has resulted in more gun crime throughout the US.


I looked up the NRA to contrast it with my anti-gun website. The home page states that people are “more concerned about pushing for gun control than they are about reducing violence”. Here I feel they are trying to ignore the fact that the relaxed gun control laws in America play a part in the amount of gun violence there is throughout the country.

A link on the website labelled “ring of freedom” opens up to a page about securing freedoms for Americans. This conflicts with the previous website who believes that a country with more gun control would provide more freedom for its citizens.

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