Thursday, 13 May 2010

George Saunders

The article of George Saunders from march 2007 has a very strong link to the short stories he wrote 'My Amendment' from the book 'The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil' as both can be seen to be based around the new article about a Pastor called Ted Harggard who had a following a over 1,000 and was accused and he admitted to paying for homosexual sex and taking drug whilst being married and having four children. The story of 'My Amendment' talks about how some americans and people throughout the world being against same sex marriages. It then goes on to coming up its own new prejudice idea where it can also be wrong for masculine women to marriage feminine men as it can be seen as being that the women want to marriage a women and not really a man. This idea can be seen in my opinion to be just another way for some americans and others to judge and pick on others for their own pleasure and to boost their own self-estem.I feel that the aim of this article is to take Ted Harggard's situation and show america that there are different types of people who need to be excepted and if you can't except your self you can learn to or go to therapy which Saunders dose not believe work but can make the situation worse not always better.

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