Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Contemporary America


When first looking for a good site to choice I found a lot of them fairly boring then i stumbled across this one because of the name Chomsky which i have heard of through friends who really enjoyed reading his stuff and when reading this guys review of the interview i found it very hard to swallow what Chomsky was saying. however he did raise some good points and i found it very interesting i have not watched the video yet but i am sure it is also good.

I think this website shows a contemporary America because it shows maybe how paranoid some of the people are, the fear people feel and other aspects of decline and that people don't have the faith in America they once had. 10 or so years ago someone would not be speaking of America in this way. there would be no need. no one would question the American way and its future

I also can not remember what i said earlier when i was talking about it in the group. so i hope that will go towards this blog task.

I did really enjoy reading this and i found Chomsky's re-Marks very interesting how he compared modern America to a country state it was in 80 years ago and has inspired me to read more of his work in the near future

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