Wednesday, 5 May 2010


9/11 as a date or in a sentence is know for pain, terror and disaster. When typing the date into facebook you start to realise the amount of people that use images, soundtracks and video footage to experience and deal with the feelings around that day.

The tribute I have chosen about 9/11 is titled 9/11 plan and simple, straight to the point. It opens with a single image of Bush reading a story book to a group of young kids when being told the news about the world trade centre and is then followed by many more images of himself. These images are then accompanied with the bush addressing his nation of the horror that has just taken place ' shows the world we will pass the test', ' attacked by a faceless cowered', and americans witnessing the second plane hitting the south tower. The rest of the video is made up of TV news segments showing the towers collapsing, crosses made out of rubble, black clouds of smoke, people witnessing other fall and jump from the burning towers, and the flying of the american flag.

The view i have about the overall video is that bush feels like america is the central of the world and that they are in control and the all might powerful and this is an attack on that idea. Besides bush I see that this shows how much america was effected as a whole even if they were not effect personally tho lose that they were still effected by, the idea it could happen, had happen and the the scale it happened. The song use though out the video is all about coming together and make sure the everyone is ok and that they can together get through this and together they will. But the use of the live footage and the reactions of on lookers on the second plane hitting makes it seem really in years to come will make it stay like it was really real and that they have overcome that struggle and america as a whole can carrying even in the hardest of times as a nations and then go to war.

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