Wednesday, 19 May 2010

American Psyche Written In Advance

For this posting i know there is no relation between this article and the story but I read this and really enjoyed the article and the way it is written. I really enjoyed this because it reminded me of one of my favorite writers. the long tangent he goes on is very enjoyable to read and i do not really see the point of this article and makes me wounder how it got printed because it has no relation with any current issues of the time it was printed. How he goes from talking about writing an article on December 12 that will be printed on January 12 to being caught by giant rats in an apocalyptic word. and constant talking about the past in the present in an article which is written in the past which when it will be published be treated like it was written earlier that day.

His sort of cynical way of life makes a very good read and very amusing to read. I would say he cynic because with all the situations he could of suggested that would of happened he picked the sudden end of the world and everyone dying expect for whom ever the reader was.

I guess if you read into it it could be a sign of paranoia or maybe what george may think of the american land and what could happen to it in as little as a months time in this hectic world we live it and one day you could find yourself the last man/woman alive. This crazed confusing piece of writing which has a completely different start to its finished may show how even when he speaks his mind in this small article you must read into it like all his stories in the book for it to really make sense.

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