Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Religious and interest groups (Amish)


The Amish religion can be seen by many americans to be straight and taking to the extreme which I can see in a way how this view came about. Amish as a religion usually live in community only containing people who are party of the faith, they live in villages that are based around farms and the living off the land that god has given them and they do not believe in modern technology they still use fire to heat food and horse and cart to get from a to b.

The interest group on the Amish religion I found on the a web site called Amish America talks about how Amish communities all over America are being joined by outsiders for the wrong reasons. The reasons being people like the idea of the way of life or even if an outsider falls in love with a member of the amish community and are not also then inclined to be won over by god as well which I feel the amish based the lives and existence around.

This page represents faith as part of American identity through the strong and almost never failing belief in god as they base there whole lives around the idea of church, faith, work and family. Through living their lives in this way I feel that the Amish show one side of the American identity in the form of the number of people who believe in god and faith but believe in there own ways and religions and that to be in a religion you must fully believe to be a member as such.

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