Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Snake Handlers

I found this article while looking for religions in America and I thought it would be interesting to look at, the snake handlers are only a small group and try to take the bible to a literal sense and it mentions that other churches do also but tend to skip certain bits when it becomes to literal for them. Snake handling was dwindling down however they mention that the only reason that it still survives is becuase of the powerfull families that keep it alive.
It is also mentioned that unless you think you are anointed by a holy ghost then they should stay away, giving the sense of the american identity that only chosen people can become members of the church as long as they are willing to accept the punishments that God gives them and take it as obidience. it is also not a religion that is really publicised though the media as deaths and injuries have occured from the practices. However it is said that they do not handle snakes all the time and without that they look just like a pentecoastal group.

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