Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Boys To Men: Media Messages About Masculinity

The idea of Masculinity in America now in the present is diffrent from how it would have be seen and presented in the past. This article from the Mediate.com website talks about this change. The article talks about how the media plays a big role in how males and their Masculinity are seen to be represented today to children who are the onces that are consuming the majority of the media. It is said that the children have started to see men as being violent and angry, and not as strong, supportive and the provider as they have been seen as in the past. These ideas have come from television shows and movies as the artical says that about 74% of the males that appear in these fomrs of media are shown as being anti-social, ridiculing, lying, aggressive or defiant acts.

Boys in America in the present time only have this image of men and how they should be and strive to be. This image shows them that the way to sort out a probrlm is to get angry and violent and then it will be solve. But this ideas that they are been shown are not the right onces as theycould be what is said to be leading so many young men the crime, as they no longer have a majority influence from thier farthers and coachs. The influence, advie, and live skills boys use to learn form their farther and coaches has been lost and replaced with the representations they see and learn from video games, television shows, movies and music. These froms of media can be seen to make young American men feel trapped "Our culture puts boys in a gender straitjacket, channeling their full range of healthy emotions into narrow forms of expression, often aggressive ones. Media legitimates these constraints at a time when we desperately need to reinvent manhood in America." Dr. William Pollack.


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