Monday, 22 February 2010

K-12 and how it presents immigration

This website is based on the K-12 and how in an American school how 7th- 8th graders learn about the history of American Immigration. This site talks about in this particular American high school Immigration is taught in more than one subject area which shows the importance of this part of history. The subject area's that it falls into are Social Studies, Language Arts, Computer Science, Reading and Family Consumer Science. Within these subject area Immigration is learnt through time lines, and projects that cover important questions such as 'why immigrants left Europe, Asia, and the Southern Hemisphere for the United States?' but also to recognised the different elements that an immigrant had to deal with when leave their homes behind and starting again in the new world of America. This particular High School page cover who they were, where they were from, the hardships and difficulties they would have come up against, and how once lived and how they adapted to their new American lives. All of these areas of study are gone over by the students through research paper, poetry writing, short story writing, small work in historical fiction, Family Trees. To make sure that the students are aware of their countries history and also that they have taken in the information proved by their teachers.

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