Tuesday, 16 February 2010

- I picked this image to sum up what the sterotypical woman would be viewed as in the 80's, even though women by this time were starting to get more involed with the workplace women were still thought as that there onl job should be looking after the house and the kitchen was there workplace. Even though the responsibility's of the parents should be even between the Mother and the Father if the Father has a job it is not viewed as his responsabilty to look after the kids and if the Woman has a job she still has to fit in taking care of her kids aswell. Even though women had by this time smartened up and realised this was not right men could not see it from there point of view and just expected there wifes to do whatever they wished and would be the perfect housewife and put aside there wants and needs for the sake of there family while the man would continue with his life.

http://www.ehow.com/facts_5456456_womens-rights-presentday-america.html - For my website I chose this one which sum's up womens rights in America today which men would of had for century's it goes over such simple things which men take heavily for granted these sorts of rights given to women are still fairely recent and there are still prejdice views from men to women in the workplace and there is still discrimination in the workplace today. Women that are pregnant would be denied promotions because of it because it is viewed as a hinderence with days off work so it would not be good for the company however a woman can not lose her job over being pregnant.

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