Monday, 15 February 2010

Women and Work
I found this image of the women astronauts in America who were training in 1980. These women were the first six women to train to go into space. In 1983 one of them became the first American woman to go into space. I thought this picture showed that even though lots of women were discriminated against in 1980's there were some which went against the norm and did jobs that were typically male jobs, such as being an astronaut. This could be used to argue against the idea that women can't do powerful or masculine jobs as it shows that they are just as capable, and do the jobs just as well as men can.
This is a website set up to build awareness about the problem of low-wage jobs in America for women. It states how 60% of low-wage workers are women, and a third of jobs for women are low-wage jobs. It shows how its not because of lack of education as it says that 40% of people in low-wage work have a high-school diploma. This website has a vision to ensure every woman who works full time earns enough to afford the basics and support their family. This would start to reduce the inequality that is still seen between men and women in the workplace.

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