Thursday, 11 February 2010

Metrosexual Masculinity

The website i choose goes into detail to describing the new trend of Masculinity in todays America, This new way of defining what the typical views of what masculinity is. while some old views such as the lumber jack which is a very roughed man whos out there providing for his family and working with his hands, also another common link between the old definiions is they all seemed to be working orinated, supporting there families and working hard, which are also key characteristics of the American dream while this Metrosexuality views men taking care of there apperance more and looking after themself and not always having a family. while Masculinity could be measured by a man hairy chest this new Metrosexual man may have chosen to shave his chest for whatever reason.

It has also been a sort of liberation this new lifestyle because it allows people to open up more to the general public has allowed supressed social groups become more obviously known to strangers on the street for example the gay community were allowed to come out and not feel ashamed for there way of life without judgement from others it has also allowed men which were sterotypically not allowed to show there femine side because of also fear of judegement from other men which may be little them it has allowed them to be viewed as softer.

It is a sort of freedom from the norm and allowed characters to be themself rather than to be what society wants them to be

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