Monday, 22 February 2010


This website is from a High School in America. It starts by outlining the statistics of immigration from the 1770's to the present day, and moves on to showing the shifts in where the immigrants come from. It then goes on to criticising America's policy on immigration saying it's brought many problems, such as language barriers, hostilities between ethnic groups and their inability to assimilate quick enough to American culture. It says how in the economic downturn Americans can't be expected to find employment for all the immigrants when some Americans themselves don't even have jobs. The website calls for a change in policy asking whether America should change to a 'closed-door policy' and limit the number of immigrants coming into the country. It is clear from this site that there are fears of immigrants coming and taking jobs at this difficult time where unemployment is at 10% in America. However, teaching this to school children could cause hostilities between ethnic groups as it could persuade Americans that immigrants are taking their jobs and money, causing tensions amongst Americans and the immigrants.

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