Wednesday, 24 February 2010

K12 immigration

I chose this website because it seems like a informal and useful website , the website has sub categories which gives brief explanations then go on to give links to other websites to give the reader more information about what they are looking up.
This website is dedicated to Irish immigration which a one point was the back bone of the American population when people were starting to come across. the website has pictures to help give details about the Irish and there hertiage. this website contains allot of information about the Irish and there are certain styles which are used which show it is designed for younger children. They standout bright font against a darkish background also the size of the font and the sub categories are short paragraphs to get across to the younger generation.

It also gives tasks that you can do by yourself or in a group to test wheat her the information has been taken in or not this website is good for teaching kids and is very insightful.

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