Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Women through the decades.


I chose an abstract from an article for my item on women in the 1980s. I found this particularly interesting as it suggests that the “backlash” towards feminism in the 1980s was not as dominant as it has been portrayed to be. This theory arose after examining data from the Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey. The data showed that amongst men as well as women, there was a significant increase in pro-feminist views of the wife and mother roles.


For my item on women I this century, I found a speech entitled “Role of Women in the 21st Century” by Josette S. Shiner, an editor of the Washington Times. Shiner begins her speech by talking about the bond women have, and the significant part they play in the human race. This thoughtfully represents women in their more historical role of the mother. She continues by talking about women in the 21st century, and the message women of power are putting across. It is seen as one of anger and how to compete with men. Shiner doesn’t believe this should be the way forward; she puts across the idea that women should embrace their womanhood and femininity, and use it to their advantage, and to the world’s advantages instead of trying to be more like men. I think the points she puts across are important, as women seem to be gaining more power, women such as Hillary Clinton. Her ideas that women shouldn’t have to act like men to get to the top should be taken onboard.

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