Sunday, 14 February 2010

Masculinity in America

When looking for an article that expresses about the contemptory issues within American Culture, it is very hard to find the right sort of site to inform you. However I found this site called PEP web which is a digital archive of classic psychoanalytic texts and I found a small review of From Hero to Robot by Ralph A. Luce, Jr. It deals with the changing relationships of the 20th century sexes and gives reasons for why this is, it mentions that since these changes we can see the rise of women and the diminishing power of the father figures. It also mentions the issues of growing up and establishing identies and notes that in particiular young boys because of sexual confusion within todays societies.

It cuts off half-way because of suscribing for the particular archives but it mentions about boys whose primary influence is their mothers. It could be seen that when a boys primary influence is their mother this could make them more feminine therefore diminishing the power of masculinity whereas boys raised by their fathers would become more masculine.

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