Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Women in work (1980's and Present day)


This image is from the American television show called Extrem Home Makeover where they go to different states to help families in need and build them new house in around 3 days. I have picked this particular image as i thought in was an interesting representation of a women in a male dominated proffesion. This is as the woman in the pink tool belt Paige hemmis is part of the carpentry side of them team which is normal seen as a male industry. This image shows that times have moved on and that women can been seen to work along side men in an industrial job and have been seen to be able to work at the same high standard. If you have seen the show it can be said that yes she has been accepted into a male indudtary but she is mostly seen making the little girl in the families rooms and not the boys or the partens which are mostly given to the male members of the team. I think that this image shows how women have succeded but not on a large scal and not without being seen to still have some feminime ways for example paiges signature pink toolbelt boots and t shirt.


This image is of two american women working on a form of transport which has been seen to be a style of work that a man should do and not a women as she was said to be to sweet, emotional and not strong enough to undertake this style of work. But this image shows a different representaion, which is that women are not these stereotypes but are just as capable as men. That they can handle hard long hours and hard labouring work and getting dirty if the need to. This image shows women and men that women can still be women and work, that they can look, dress and act like women and still carry out the same tasks as men and to the same standard or even to a higher standard.

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