Thursday, 25 March 2010


Even though i mamanged to walk in 45 minutes late and everyone has told me since the its the best part of the film i mamanged to catchup up with the film and even though i missed the introuduction of the charctes i felt that i knew them come the end. however i did feel it lived up to all the hype surrounding it. Even though it is all based on accientals events that 'crash' these people together it seemed like the believeability of these coincidences is a little to far fetched for me, L.A. is a big state and the chances for example of the racist cop who was sexually harrsing the woman manage to be the cop the cop passing by and help out at the car crash is a little hard to believe, and if you dont believe that one then its going to be harder to believe that the rookie was 1 of the 2 cars that stopped the woman who got harrssed's husband. Why were to patrol cars going around the same area. the film also portrays white people in a bad way. Matt dillins character is a racist cop and Sandra Bollocks Character is viewed as a woman who sterotypes all people before getting to know them she has a attitude of what a eldly person has in todays world, someone from a different generation.

however even though i do not think that the film should be film of the year i also disargee that the film is worst of the year. the film is very good at drawing people in and for the viewer to get feelings for the characters. its just its attempted to suggest that all these stories relate to each other through "crashing" it seems like all the characters are placed in these situations a sort of domino effect.

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