Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Native Americans
This website shows the Cherokee Tribe's history. It says how their tribe has always been the most advanced, and it was a spirit of survival and perseverance that kept them strong in the past and today. It explains how they were 'removed' by the White Settlers who found gold in 1830's and how many died on the 1000 mile journey to Oklahoma or Indian Territory. After the Trail of Tears it says they soon rebuilt a democracy with schools, churches and newspapers. It says it's the second largest Indian Tribe and today its the leader in education, housing and economic development. In the 21st century it became self-governed and has its own courts and judicial systems and it is a success. The Cherokee Tribe portray their history and present day situation in a positive way and are proud of their success.
This is the official Chickasaw website, it shows a 'proud history as fierce warriors' and it says that they are the 'unconquered and unconquerable nation' and call themselves the 'Spartans of the Mississippi'. All these show how strong and proud a nation they were and still are. They lived in 'highly sophisticated town houses' with their own laws and religion. They also were 'removed' and relocated to Oklahoma where they broke from the Choctaw Tribe to become independent. The Chickasaw's allied with the South in the Civil War and raised troops to fight with the Confederacy. Today many are successful farmers and ranchers and they built some of the first schools and businesses in Indian territory. In 1983 they got a new Chickasaw Constitution and are thriving as a result of this.

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